10 Conversation Topics For Thanksgiving Day That Won’t Start A Fight

Thanksgiving means gathering around the table and sharing stories with your family. Maybe you’re the only Republican in your family or vice versa and you worry that the conversation about politics might ruin the nice dinner you and your family will be having. Do not fret because you can change the topic or bring up different ideas that won’t cause your family to immediately start yelling or bickering. Here are 10 conversation topics for thanksgiving day that *fingers crossed* won’t start a fight. 

1. The Pandemic

Although this might be a bit of a sad topic I highly doubt anyone will argue about this topic expect maybe all agree that it’s ridiculous to party during a worldwide pandemic or that it’s horrible that others might be struggling during the pandemic more so than before. Be warned however if you have a Karen in your family that is the type to wear one of those mesh masks seen online or not wear a mask at all then she might argue about this. Just bite your tongue and roll your eyes don’t get into an argument with the Karen type, trust me it is not worth it. 

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2. Photography

Everyone is sitting around the dinner table most likely dressed nicely and properly waiting for the meal to be served and awaiting this yearly feast. Perhaps you picked up a camera and made photography into your new hobby or maybe you just want to add something to social media. If the conversation tends to die down and you don’t want awkward silence to ensue or maybe you’re trying to stop an argument from forming mention taking a photo. “Oh we should take a photo of the flute glasses,” or “We should take a photo of the family.” This could really help ease and change the topic of the conversation and they might even ask for copies or for you to send it to them via email. 

3. Favorite and least favorite out of the year

It really makes you think about your highs and lows and has everyone rethinking their year so far. It could also put things in perfect perspective while your high might be getting a new car while someone’s high might be finally being financially stable or getting into college and receiving a scholarship. Every year my family does this question along with what we are most thankful for over anything else and everyone at the table has to participate. 

4. Sports 

Game days are upon us and everyone has their favorite sports teams. Maybe you’re hoping for the Maple Leafs to win their next game so they can tie with the other team or maybe you look forward to football games and fall tailgating. You can get into a heated and lively debate about sports especially if people in your family are on opposing teams. This will probably go into assists and who made what goal and who has the better players on the team etc. so if you’re not a huge sports fan maybe this isn’t the best topic to bring up but there’s quite a huge probability that someone else will regardless. 


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5. Memes 

Nothing breaks ongoing tension like a funny meme. Especially when there are so many funny videos and pictures to share you are bound to find one for every and any member of the family. Don’t be worried about the arguments that might break out when the tension around the dining room is thick you can cut it with a knife because your cousin dropped out of college and your aunt is furious instead bust out an amazing TikTok of someone starting off their own business or a dog playing with a cat. Seriously there is a meme to break all different types of tension.

6. What’s one of your favorite jokes

Much like the memes on this list but you really get to know what your family members consider funny. They might be cringe-worthy or something so pure like a simple knock-knock joke but it is funny or maybe awkward if they have dark humor. Want to hear a joke a ham sandwich walked into a bar and ordered a beer the bartender said I’m sorry but we don’t serve food here. Kind of sort of lame but it’s funny in a simple type of way. You can come up with better jokes or tell you what jokes you heard once that you thought it was utterly hilarious. 


7. Favorite Food On the Table

It’s Thanksgiving so there’s bound to be a plentiful feast and a huge colorful array of delicious goodness waiting to get eaten up this wonderful turkey day. So ask what is everyone’s favorite food on this table. Sure turkey is the star of this show but I personally look forward to the mashed potatoes or ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese. Also, this lets you know who you can trust because if anyone says their favorite food on the table are the beets they are not to be trusted unless you’re related to Dwight Schrute in which case you have a way cooler family than I thought. 

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8. Parents share a story

It’s time for the adults to show off their knowledge by telling their kids how they were in college or at their age. Listen to their interesting stories about something you probably didn’t know beforehand and then you could figure out whose cooler you or your old man. Reality check get ready because my parents went to discos and were able to see the Ramones when that was still a thing like going to cool concerts when it came to insanely great bands for the ages. However, if you are more of a homebody I suppose those rocking cool stories that your parents have will just be a nice thing to know about them. 

9. Highs and Lows

I don’t know if you and your family have ever done this but going back home for holidays could be stressful but also a lot of fun so you play the high and low game. For example, a high would be running into your hometown crush at the supermarket a week ago and he has called you since and a low would be dropping your morning Dunkin donuts coffee right as you got out of the car. Everyone takes turns saying one high and one low they had so far during the holiday break. It’s a great way to put things into perspective. 

10. Bring up school

Now when your parents bring up school it could get annoying really fast but bringing up school and exams to your cousin who is also a college student. No one feels your pain like someone who is riding that same wave. Bringing up some of the terrors of school to your other family members could be a venting relief for you guys.


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There you have it, ten conversation topics to bring up during thanksgiving that won’t start a fight. Let us know which conversation topics you plan on using this upcoming thanksgiving.