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Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

Simply put, hoop earrings have been around FOREVER, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Learning to embrace the trend is something that I have done, and I hope you are inspired to do so too after reading through this article. I’ve listed a bunch of different types of hoops so that you can either grow your hoop collection, or find one particular pair that works for you!

Teeny Tiny Baby Hoops

These teeny tiny hoops are what I’m currently wearing almost every single day! Something about minimalistic jewelry has always held my attention, and tiny hoops fall right into that category. As crazy as it may sound, I went into the baby jewelry section at Sears and snagged a pair of tiny little gold hoop earrings that go with absolutely EVERYTHING.

They can be worn in your cartilage piercing, your second/third piercing, etc. Whether you have one ear piercing or multiple, investing in a quality pair of tiny hoop earrings is a great idea, and they most certainly will NEVER go out of style!

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

Acetate Hoops

These plastic, colorful hoops are certainly more of a novelty style of hoop, but are super trendy in their own right! I love the tortoise trend, and purchasing a pair of marble, tortoise-like hoops was a great way for me to embrace the trend!

Luckily these hoops are typically at an incredibly reasonable price point, being that they are intended to be worn as costume jewelry (not fine jewelry meant for everyday wear), so there are no reasons for you not to fully embrace the fun trend and grab a pair for yourself!

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

Hoops with Charms

Charmed hoops are definitely on the rise in terms of popularity, and I see them being a wardrobe staple very very soon! One of the most popular variations of this includes earrings with cross charms on them! Just wait, you are going to be seeing these everywhere in the matter of a week or two!

I love that most hoops with charms have charms that can be removed, so then you are able to essentially have two pairs in one! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready, because this trend is about to BLOW UP! Just remember, you heard it from me first!

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

Beaded Hoops

Beaded hoops are yet another fun addition to conquering the hoops earring trend in style. They may not be quite as popular as the acetate, marbles earrings YET, but I certainly see them as being on the rise!

I love a good rainbow beaded pair of hoops, but there are so many different beaded pairs to choose from if the rainbow beads are a bit too much for you! Regardless of the color or the size, rock a pair of beaded hoops, and you’ll automatically be a well-accessorized trendsetter!

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

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Hammered Hoops

Hammered metal on gold hoops is one of my favorite dainty jewelry detail! I’m a sucker for anything gold and in this case, hammered gold! With intricate little indents rather than just a flat, smooth hoop gives a fun texture to your classic hoop!

You can find these in many different accessory stores, but I recommend shopping on Etsy to find a quality pair of gold or silver hoops that are delicately hammered. If you are looking for a basic pair of hoops that you can wear every single day, but are a little more exciting than your basic hoop, give a pair of hammered hoops a try!

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

Super Chunky Hoops

Super chunky hoops are the PERFECT option when you are looking to make a fun  statement with your hoop earrings! One of my personal favorite styles of hoop earrings is when they are small in diameter, but super chunky! If this sounds like something you think you could rock, then they just might be the perfect choice to add to your hoop collection!

Large chunky hoops are also definitely an option, and they can be a great addition to your going out outfit! Something that I think is a super chic look is a slicked back high pony with a pair of chunky hoops to complete the look! Get yourself some chunky hoops, and you will definitely be making a major fashion statement in the best way!

Conquering The Hoop Earrings Trend

This list of different types of hoop earrings is far from inclusive of every single variation of hoops, but I think that it is a great guide to figuring out how to best conquer the hoop earrings trend!

Let us know your favorites down below in the comments, and SLAY those hoops!

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