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Confessions From A Social Introvert

Confessions From A Social Introvert

Being an introvert is something that's commonly misunderstood by people who are extroverts. Here are some introvert confessions!

I’m an introvert. I’m a quiet person. I like to sit, observe, and hear what other people have to say rather than say it myself. But sometimes I feel like us introverts get a bad rap. It’s not our fault that everyone in the world value social butterflies! We are sewn with a different thread, but that’s okay! There are common misunderstandings people assume about those of us who tend to be on the hushed side of life.

I’m Not Trying to Be Rude

This is one of the biggest problems. Sometimes a reserved personality can be mistaken for arrogance. Just because I don’t smile constantly, does not mean I am not happy or having a good time. I keep my emotions in, rather than let them display externally. This is somewhat of a natural human reaction. Smiles and laughter mean happiness and enjoyment. Silence means apathy and boredom.

But guys trust me, if I was bothered, I would just leave.

I’m not a person to linger in situations that make me annoyed or sad. If I had a nickel for all the times someone asked me if I was okay, I would be a rich kid by now! I understand the sentiment and the need for inclusitity, but seriously! Not all people explode in emotions when they find good news or have fun. Some of us follow a more laid back approach to life.There is no good or bad way to experience it, but people should be informed of all the different way people express themselves. The lack of education on different personality types leads to situations like these where a person could feel completely content but meanwhile the person with they are with feels as if they are mad.

I’m Just Quiet,Not A Lamb

I can’t be easily manipulated. This is a problem other introverts experience. Silence is understood as compliance. Compliance is seen as a push over. If a person is not social, that does not mean they will comply to the bend and wish of any other person. There is strength in keeping to yourself, but somewhere along the way this was turned into a weakness. Quiet people are infantilized,treated as if they are not emotionally mature.  A quiet adult is still an adult and not a 16 year old kid. Treat us right. Because we will talk back.

Not All of Us are Always Introverts

I’m somewhat of the same myself. I adapt to situations. I read a room and determine who I should be in the moment. It’s a little bit like being an actor I guess. This other side of me has to be summoned, it does not come naturally, but I wear it well. I can not even count the amount of times someone has complimented my extroverted personality. I usually laugh it off. But my default “setting” is being an introvert.

I live for solitude and quiet moments.

There is nothing better for me than wrapping myself in my sheets and binge watching a television series. However, this is not my only facet. I can turn on the smiles and the charm and wear it like a glove.  Other introverts can do this too. If you witness a person switch, and they have told you about their nature before, don’t mistake what they are going through with a mood swing. The introvert is probably just so comfortable with you that they feel at ease to switch into who they “default” to be.

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What about you? Are you an introvert as well? Did you relate to anything said about being an introvert? Let us know in the comments below.
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