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5 Concerts That You Must See This Summer

5 Concerts That You Must See This Summer

5 Concerts That You Must See This Summer

Summer is coming, and that means that concerts and festivals are gearing up for the heat! These diverse shows will give you musical diversity and let you spend your whole summer vacation outdoors enjoying the music. Here are the 5 concerts that you must see this summer.

Sad Summer Fest

This new music festival is one that brings together the hot California heat with awesome pop punk music that is sure to make you feel like summer will never end. The line up for 2019 boasts of bands like The Wonder Years, State Champs, and Mayday Parade as some of the bigger bands performing. There will be 17 shows across America, and as part of their non-profit initiative there will be booths with charities at each show taking donations and giving out information. The ticket prices range from 60 to 80 bucks a piece. So, see some great bands, and lend a helping hand at the Sad Summer Fest this year.



This huge festival held in the Coachella Valley is host to a line up of huge pop acts like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Bruno Mars. This three day festival involves camping out for the weekend, and seeing live music anytime of the day. Almost as famous as its music, is its fashion. People go all out with their festival style, which attracts many celebrities to join in, and makes for an unforgettable weekend. But, start saving early, the tickets are $429 a person for the weekend!

Back to the Beach

This music festival is hosted at Huntington Beach and will have concerts by Blink 182, The Used, The Story So Far, and Anthony Green. This summer concert series will be a two day weekend fest with craft beer, food, and cocktails that has beach games to play between sets, and even has a lil’ pink zone where young kids can play away from the crowds. Weekend admission is $99 a person, although kids under ten will get in for free with one paid general admission ticket. With that pricing, you can’t miss this concert on the beach!

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Warped Tour

This, used to national tour, is now a two-day festival held in Mountain View, California that is home to pop punk, punk rock, hardcore, and metal performances. Warped Tour will hold concerts throughout the day from bands like The All-American Rejects, Good Charlotte, Circa Survive, and Simple Plan. This festival will be like a concentrated version of the national tour with booths for charities, band merch, and food and drinks. They will also have a 21 and over area that will serve beer and cocktails. The tickets for this festival are $159 for the two days, but this maybe be the farewell festival for Warped Tour, so you don’t want to miss out!


Aftershock Festival

This festival is in here, although it is not actually during the summer, but had to be mentioned. And let’s be honest, it will still be 80 degrees outside. But, this is not for the weak at heart! Metalheads can rejoice for the line up of bands like Korn, Tool, Slipknot, and While She Sleeps. This metal and hard rock concert is in Sacramento, California in October and hosts dozens of rock acts throughout the weekend festival that lasts from Friday to Sunday night. The tickets are about $200 a person for the weekend, and that includes all bands on the list for the weekend. They are higher priced tickets for those who want the V.I.P. treatment with early entry, seated dining area and upfront standing room for the concerts. There will also be booths for plenty of BBQ, burgers, and bacon. So, for vegetarians, sorry this may not be the best place for you to eat so fill up before and after!

Whether you want to listen to some pop punk, hard rock, or pop music these music festivals will get you through the summer and then some. Get your tickets for these awesome festivals and kick your summer off right and make it last well into the fall. Which concert are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments!