Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

Nothing beats attending an amazing concert on a summer night! Luckily, Los Angeles is projected to have SO MANY great concerts lined up this summer.

Here’s a list of some of the concerts in LA you do NOT want to miss this summer, ranging from country to rap, ensuring to have the PERFECT concert for everyone, regardless of your taste in music! Hopefully you find this helpful as you start to plan your summer itinerary!

American Football: May 12

American Football’s concert at the Regent Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles is sure to kick your summer off in the best way possible! They are known for being able to put on a SHOW, and are far from lacking in vocal talent. This American rock band from Illinois was formed back in the 1990s but have lost absolutely none of their massive cult following, making this one of the “can’t miss” concerts this summer! Get your tickets now before they sell out, and you miss your chance!

Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

Eric Church: May 17

Eric Church is holding a concert at the STAPLES Center May 17th as a part of his “Double Down” tour. If you are looking for a killer concert from a country artist who has an amazing voice, this is definitely the concert for you. Church is known for being incredibly down to Earth, with such love and appreciation for all of his fans. Being a part of the audience for his concert this summer will leave you an Eric Church fan for life, so you can’t miss out on the opportunity while he’s in LA!

Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

BET Experience: June 22

If you’re looking for a killer concert with a KILLER lineup, The BET Experience is for you! It will take place at the STAPLES center, and is projected to MAX out the arena. The current lineup features Cardi B, Lil Yachty, Migos, Lil Baby, and City Girls. While the lineup is subject to change being that the concert is a ways away, there is no doubt that it is going to be THE concert of the summer of 2019, so if I were you, I’d jump on your laptop and get tickets as soon as you possibly can do you don’t miss out!

Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

Shawn Mendes: July 5

There is something about Shawn Mendes that just screams TALENT. If you’re looking for a great concert to kick of your July this summer, head to the STAPLES center for some amazing vocals and an overall amazing put on by Shawn Mendes. Whether or not you consider yourself the typical Shawn Mendes fangirl, you are bound to have an amazing time at this concert, and it’ll leave you and your friends in awe of his talent, with a full heart after being able to experience his raw passion and love for his music and fans.

Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

Michael Bublé: July 9

Michael Bublé is going to be performing at the STAPLES Center this July, and this is an experience you do NOT want to miss. With the perfect combination of jazzy undertones and pop-like lyrics/sound, Bublé is one of those performers that unites so many different individuals with different tastes in music. This being said, Michael Bublé has such an apparent love for his work, that makes it easy to want to support him, so this summer is your chance! Check out this concert, and you WON’T regret it!!

Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

Backstreet Boys: August 3

Backstreet Boys will be at the STAPLES center this August, and not much explanation is required in explaining why you NEED to be there. The Backstreet Boys are LEGENDARY, and this “DNA World Tour” is projected to be their largest tour in 18 years. How on Earth could you let yourself miss out on this incredible opportunity? I do not necessarily consider myself an all-time fan of the Backstreet Boys, but I still would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to attend this legendary show. Tickets are on sale now, so check it out before it’s too late!

Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

Summer Salt: August 15

Summer Salt is one of my favorite bands, that I feel simply does not get nearly enough recognition in the music scene. This being said, they are going to be performing at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles this August, so now is your opportunity to become a lifelong fan. I have a feeling that they are going to blow up in no time, so this summer is the perfect time to attend their show while they are still performing on a small, intimate scale. While this is far from being the last major concert of the summer, this is one that I really push you to attend with your friends for a low-key night with AMAZING music.

Concerts In LA You Do NOT Want To Miss This Summer

Hopefully this list of concerts in Los Angeles that you do NOT want to miss this summer inspires you to jump onto your computer and invest in some concert tickets! Being that the summer is the PERFECT time to jam out to concerts with your friends, now is the time to start planning, before it’s too late!!

Are you planning on attending any of these concerts in LA this summer? Comment down below!

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