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15 Concert Photographers That Will Inspire You To Go To Your First Concert

15 Concert Photographers That Will Inspire You To Go To Your First Concert

Photography is an incredible and beautiful art form. The concert photographers listed here will definitely inspire you to go to your first concert!
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Concert season is fast approaching– meaning all the artists you love to listen to are scheduling tour dates in your area. This often means an Instagram feed filled to the brim with photos and concert videos full of screaming and singing. Let’s face it… these things alone will give you a pretty awful case of FOMO if you’re not there. That’s why, if you haven’t gone to your first concert yet, you need to now.

In case you didn’t know, concert photography is more than just the blurry iPhone pictures taken by members of the audience. Concert photography and photojournalism is a real career! So many amazing creators are hired to take photographs of your favorite artists. Where do you think that up-close-and-personal shot of Harry Styles belting ‘Sign of the Times’ came from?!

Concert photographers are there to enjoy the music and help the nostalgic concert goer to remember the what they felt the first time they saw their favorite artist in person, the time they sang their hearts out to their favorite song, the time they were able to forget about all their worries and concerns and really take a moment to enjoy themselves. Nobody can capture the intensity of the experience quite like them! Here are a couple of concert photographers who will get you out to your nearest venue and experience the magic yourself.


Alexandra Gavillet (@alexandra_gavillet)

Gavillet, based out of New York City and Los Angeles, captures your favorite artists offstage. She often does colorful shoots with bright, primary colors, and finds the artist’s playful side. Most recently, she shot photographs of underground pop artist Billie Eilish flaunting her signature pout to the camera in a vibrant yellow outfit, in front of a mustard yellow wall. Vibrancy is her specialty.


Rukes (@rukes) calls him the best concert photographer of our time. Rukes dedicates much of his Instagram feed to exciting, blood-pumping shots of oversized EDM festivals with his fish-eye like photos. He seems to capture the sheer volume of fans present at these festivals, which is pretty hard to do with a camera!


Shanne Timm (@shane_timm)

Okay– I might have a little bit of bias for this one, because Timm serves as one of the primary photographers for producer Jack Antonoff’s band, Bleachers (which happens to be one of my favorite groups at the moment!) I’ve seen Bleachers live, and Shane wonderfully captures the endless supply of energy Antonoff and his band have at every show. The amount of pictures that he has taken of Antonoff jumping a foot in the air is infinite. Seriously- check this guy out.

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Mallory Corr (@mallorycorr)

Corr is fresh out of college, but she shows us you’re never too young to do what you love. Each photograph tells a story and includes more than just what one may see on the stage; she pays special attention to who and what she sees in the crowd. Her photography is a prime example that a concert is more than just a show– it’s a full experience.


Shervin Lainez (@shervinfoto)

Lainez specializes in shooting eloquent, haunting portraits of artists, using shadows and grain to supplement the images. Recently, Lainez photographed the album cover of  indie synth pop band St. Lucia’s newest album, Hyperion, which is set to be released on September 21. The cover features a plethora of flowers, pastels, and tall candles, and band members Patti and Jean-Phillipe placed as statues at a piano. This artist clearly pays attention to detail and makes anybody’s first concert memorable.

A quick search around on Instagram will bring you to so many more photographers, and this is just a start! They might even inspire you to do your *own* version of photography at your first concert!

Were there any memorable photographers from your first concert? Tell us in the comments!
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