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A Complete Timeline Of The Bachelor In Paradise 2017 Scandal

A Complete Timeline Of The Bachelor In Paradise 2017 Scandal

The Bachelor in Paradise scandal has surely caught your eye by now. Here is a short and sweet catch up of what you need to know about season 4's scandal.

Highly anticipated ABC and Warner Bros. reality TV show The Bachelor in Paradise season 4 has already reached scandal after just two and a half days of filming. While the news has been excessively covering this story from start to finish, we’re going to cut through the bull and cut right to the chase. Here is a condensed and complete timeline of the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 scandal.

Similar to the Real World Road Challenges, The Bachelor in Paradise uses The Bachelor franchise as a spin-off, taking those from prior seasons who’ve been rejected and gives them a second chance to fall in love… in Mexico. Could we get anymore cliché?

So where’s the problem?

After just two and a half days of filming, production was suspended. Contestants Corinne Olypios and DeMario Jackson were at the forefront of discussion; sexual misconduct. Rumors buzzed concerning consent but have quickly been dismissed; the network has publicly gone on record to say video footage reveal no evidence of foul-play or wrongdoing.


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So, while the scandal amped up ratings, the season premiere addressed the incident within the first few minutes. The two-hour episode began with Chris Harrison sharing his excitement the seasons that “looked like it [wouldn’t] happen” was finally airing. In typical The Bachelor in Paradise fashion, the turmoil and emotional stress was a lot for both the “cast and all of [their] crew.”
The episode unfolds with their usual meet and greets introductions. By sunset drinks between cast members were flowing and Olympios and Jackson were already hitting it off; separated from the rest of the group, the two disappeared but later resurfaced. It wasn’t until the cocktail party where things came to an abrupt halt. Producers pulled Olympios aside while Jackson was talked to privately by other producers.

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Long story short… allegations have been dropped and I’m eager to see where this season goes. After all, we’ve been promised the most dramatic season yet. Wonder what “true love” will blossom this season in Mexico. We’ll be keeping our ears and eyes out for any gossip worthy material!

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