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10 Common Struggles All Recent Grads Relate To

10 Common Struggles All Recent Grads Relate To

Graduation is a day that all students strive for. However, in the weeks and months following graduation day, the reality of the real world sets in. Here are 10 common struggles all recent grads relate to.

Graduation is a day that all students strive for. Walking across the stage and receiving a degree is a huge accomplishment that comes from years of hard work, classes, part-time jobs, and so much more. However, in the weeks and months following graduation day, the reality of the real world sets in. Here are 10 common struggles all recent grads relate to.

1. Having to repay student loans

Due to the high price of tuition and living, many students are forced to take out student loans. This means that they are forced to pay back the student loans after the grace period. This means spending a decade or more paying back tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and repayment.


2. Unemployment and lack of money

The repayment of loans is made more difficult when finding a job is near impossible. Many companies view recent grads as inexperienced and not knowledgeable about things in the field. Graduates need job experience to get jobs, but the jobs provide the experience they need.

3. Living at home with their parents

While many generations in the past were able to move out after graduation, recent graduates today are unable to do so because of unemployment and the high costs of living. Grads have an itch to move out and be independent, but they are unable to. This comes with issues such as family nagging and stress.

4. Watching classmates and friends be successful

In an age of social media, it is easy for recent graduates to compare themselves to friends and other recent grads who they feel are more successful. Recent grads are unable to see the struggles others are facing. Many schools do not teach skills such as networking and job searching in a classroom setting.


5. Being stereotyped

Younger generations are constantly being stereotyped by older generations. Millennials and other recent graduates are no exception. They are stereotyped as being dumb, lazy and useless in a corporate setting. These stereotypes could not be any more untrue.

6. No longer being able to be listed on their parents’ health insurance

This is true for all graduates soon after they graduate, but it’s especially true for those who graduate closer to the age of 26. They now have to deal with finding and paying for health insurance. Add that to the endless amount of expenses to deal with!


7. Technology that is constantly changing

While recent grads are known for their ability to adapt to new technology, it can still be difficult to keep up with. Many electronic devices are not built to last more than two years and even then, technology is changing at such a fast pace that devices need to be purchased sooner. This can get expensive. The struggles all recent grads relate to all come back to money.

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8. Having to work multiple low-paying jobs to make ends meet

Many recent graduates who want to live on their own or with a roommate often need to work multiple jobs. Most times, these jobs are retail jobs or jobs not related to their field of study. This can be draining, depleting the energy they do have for finding a career in their chosen field. Even Rachel understands the struggles all recent grads relate to.


9. Societal expectations

This can be seen at family gatherings in the constant questions of being in a relationship, having a job, etc. These questions are so annoying and the fact that they reflect what society expects of recent grads makes them worse. Not everyone has the same life timeline, Debbie.

10. Mental illness

It is no surprise that everything in the list above can have a huge impact on mental health. There is so much for recent grads to think and worry about. It is understandable that many recent graduates struggle with mental illness in the months leading up to and following graduation. It is tough, but there are resources to help.

What do you think of these common struggles all recent grads relate to? Let us know in the comments below!
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