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Common Roommates You Can Have At SDSU

Just what kinds of roommates are common at San Diego State University dorms? Are you moving into one and worried to find out? Here are the top guesses you might have based on San Diego State’s locale and reputation!

The Party Student

Even though San Diego State University no longer has the honor (or dishonor) of being a party school, there are many eager young college students across the nation not in the know of that fact. So, unfortunately, young adults can settle in the dorms hoping to be close to the party action!

Thus, a common strand of SDSU roommates are the party bros and social chicks constantly asking you when and where the next social event is going to take place. Your tolerance may vary towards these kinds of roommates, though suffice to say, you’ll at least have plenty of nights to keep the room all to yourself!

The Overeager Local

If you’re from out-of-state or just not even from San Diego, a very common SDSU roommate you may find you have will be the overeager county native. Maybe they’re not actually from San Diego city itself, and more from National City, Chula Vista, or Carlsbad, but they’ll be super excited to know they can share their city with you!

They’ll be great as reference guides to the area for the fishes out of water that want to leave campus. They do come in varying shades of helpfulness, however, so you might end up with someone who talks the talk more than actually guides.

The Cali-Surfer

San Diego is a coastal city and only second to Los Angeles in terms of the SoCal scene. So, it’s only natural that San Diego State University has students entering with the expectation of experience a “gnarly” surfing culture. SDSU roommates are often the surfer bro trying to get as much fun in the sun as possible because where they’re usually from, the beaches either don’t exist or aren’t nearly as nice as San Diego’s!

Expect a lot of surfing equipment, water iconography, loose shirts, and the smell of sunscreen to clutter your room should you have a Cali-surfer SDSU roommate.

The Shut-In

Not a very San Diego State-specific roommate, but a roommate that exists nonetheless! Hermits are everywhere in college these days. With the rise of social media for Millennials and Generation Z, going outside is not as necessary to these types of roommates it seems. They’ll end up staying in your room all day, play video games, read a book, or be on their phone. Usually all the above. 

It can cause quite a bit of awkwardness if both of you tend to have introverted, hermit-like tendencies, however. Seeing each other all day with a certain lack of social skills is… discomforting at some point.

The Slob

Oh, boy. Pray you never ever get this type of roommate. While a shut-in may cause awkwardness and the party person some annoyance, the slob will absolutely bring frustration. Never picking up after themselves, always comfortable living in a constant state of filth, and having no sense of personal hygiene, these SDSU roommates are by far among the most difficult contenders on this list.

A good way to avoid having to deal with this roommate is to just establish boundaries, pick up only after what you leave behind, and never let them rope you into doing their laundry for them! If you must hound them for the pizza slice that’s been on their side for over a week, hound away!

The Close-To-Home Roommate

These SDSU roommates are actually not that far away from their homes in the San Diego county area. Their reasons for living on the campus dorms range from an easier commute to just needing to get away from their parents. They can be insightful of the San Diego area for out-of-state students, only because they weren’t comfortable leaving to a far off university themselves.

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More often than not, however, will their reason for staying always involve a sentimental attachment to their pre-established life in San Diego. They’ll constantly talk about the girlfriend they have back home, the friends from high school they still hang out with, and their family will no doubt drop in for occasional visits.

The Honor Student

Opposite of the party student, who is only at SDSU to look for the next social scene, is the studious roommate, pushing themselves at all costs to keep studying their material. They’ll spend all day at their desk reading and actually doing their assignments. You know, like a madman. They won’t save it till the last minute and they dare not turn any assignment late.

These SDSU roommates’ personalities and interests are dimmed down a bit to make room for all the knowledge and information they’re cramming into their brains. You can’t help but admire their dedication to academics and work. Any and all their free time will go to studying, at the expense of their social life.

The Out-Of-State Transfer

California is a very big state, and the newbie from somewhere like Idaho (is that even a real place…?) will no doubt find a lot to learn, love, and look in the Golden State. San Diego is a great hub for that so they’ll constantly always be asking questions about very common, very day-to-day facts about the city, like, “Is it always this warm around here?” and even “You guys know you live so close to Disneyland and SeaWorld?”

Alas, these questions may be a tad irritating after a while, but the out-of-state transfer will acclimate soon enough! Plus, they’ll always tell you how different everything was back in their home state, so you’ll have plenty of stories to entertain each other the whole semester!

The Clean-Freak

There is no one more micromanaging than the clean freak SDSU roommates, besides our mothers of course (or is that just me?). Clean freaks are a necessary roommate for order and stability in your dorm space but can be overly dismissive of your boundaries should they decide to clean something up on your side of the dorm! They might be a little judgemental but so long as you establish a routine and boundaries, the two of you will get along fine!

Still worried about your possible roommate? Don’t worry, it’s never as bad as it seems! Let us know what kind of roommate you yourself are by leaving a comment below!

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