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10 Common Phrases You Should Know In Every Language

10 Common Phrases You Should Know In Every Language

When touring and traveling to foreign countries, it's important to know the basic dialect. These are common phrases you should know in every language!

Let’s face it. As much as we would like to, many of us do not know more than one language. That doesn’t stop our aspirations of traveling the world, nor should it. However, while you’re picking your flight date and choosing a hotel you should probably pick up a few useful, common phrases to aid in your travels.

1)  “My name is…”

Any given language will vary on the exact wording of this phrase, nonetheless it is fundamental to be able to introduce yourself during your explorations.



2) “I need/want to go to…”

Assuming you do not already know the layout of the area you’ll be visiting, this will prove to be incredibly useful to communicate with locals, the taxi driver, etc…


3) “Call the police/ambulance!”

Ideally you won’t have to use this phrase during your travels. However, as the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Keep this one in your back pocket.



4) “I am from/Do you speak…”

This is useful to know in case you are having difficulty communicating with a local. With any luck, they will know your native language and the exchange will become easier for both of you.



5) “Where is the nearest bathroom?”

This is pretty self explanatory, don’t get stuck in the need-to-pee panic mode.




6) Know how to order coffee/a drink/food.

Okay spring breakers and summer vacationers, this one is for you. Learn it and don’t fret later on.


7) “What is your WIFI password?/How do I get on the WIFI?”

While writing this article I tried to think about things that would be important to me, interesting I made it this far without bringing this up. Perhaps not all, but some of you would be lost without a connection, perfectly understandable. Do your research and remedy that situation before it happens.

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8) “I am allergic to…”

This is another phrase reserved for emergencies (mainly). In case you unfortunately end up hospitalized, the doctor should be aware of any allergies you possess. This will also prove useful at any restaurant you visit.



9) “Where should I go?/What is a good place to visit?”

Being able to utilize this will probably require some further knowledge, but it is so worth your time. Provided that you have established some kind of conversation with a local, this phrase will serve to enhance your experience abroad. Locals will know great places to visit outside of the normal attractions.



10) “Where is the nearest ATM?/Where can I exchange money?”

As sad as it is, vacations abroad are not free. As such, you should know where to get your funds from.


Can you think of any more common phrases that you should probably know when traveling? Let us know in the comments!
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