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10 Common Misconceptions Of Dating A Bisexual Woman

10 Common Misconceptions Of Dating A Bisexual Woman

When it comes to dating a bisexual woman, there are a lot of common misconceptions associated with it. Here's what you need to know!

Sexuality is one of the most personal aspects of somebody. It varies from person to person and everybody has a different definition of what sexuality means to them. Bisexuality is one of the most diverse sexual orientations. By definition, it is being attracted to both men and women, but for everyone who identifies as bi, it means something different to them. Because of the broad definition, a lot of misconceptions about bisexuality. Here are 10 of the most common misconceptions about dating a bisexual woman!

1. She is only attracted to two genders

Becuase of the name BIsexuality, people often assume it means they are only attracted to two genders (men and women). A new, broader definition has been adopted to say that bisexuals are attracted to “two or more genders.” This new definition makes sure that all other gender identities besides male and female are included!

2. She is more likely to cheat

Some people believe that the more genders you’re attracted to, the more likely you are to cheat. However, this is just totally untrue. If you’re a cheater it has nothing to do with your sexuality – it just has to do with your morals.

3. She’s just trying to get male attention

The idea that bisexual women are just trying to turn on men is just society fetishizing bisexuality. This idea attempts to invalidate this sexuality. No one would who’s truly bisexual would do it just to impress someone else.

4. She’s always down for a threesome

I mean, they might be more open to it than straight or gay people, but not necessarily. Making sweeping statements about everyone who identifies as bi is just incorrect.

5. She’s not really bi if she’s only dated men/women

Who you’ve dated doesn’t dictate your sexuality. Just as straight people don’t date anyone of the opposite sex just because they’re the opposite sex neither do bisexual people. People date people who they’re attracted to.

6. She’s only bi because she can’t decide if she’s gay or straight

The only decision that a bisexual person needs to make is that they’re bisexual. That’s more than enough of a decision!

7. If she’s in a “straight” relationship then she’s no longer bisexual

No matter what kind of relationship a bisexual person is in, they will always be bisexual. Their relationship doesn’t dictate who they’re attracted to.

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8. She likes one gender the most

Everyone has a type. Some people like tall people, some people like muscular people. Some bisexual people might feel a stronger connection to a certain gender, or they might like them all equally. It really just depends on the person.

9. She’s only bisexual because she’s scared to come out as gay

Even if you know a bisexual woman who has since come out as gay, you need to respect their sexual orientation no matter what.

10. Bi women in “straight” relationships have “passing” privilege

A lot of people think that if you’re a bi women in a relationship with a man you don’t face a lot of the same prejudices of other gay people. But clearly, this list shows that they face oppression too.

Do you agree with these common misconceptions about dating a bisexual woman? Let us know in the comment section below!

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