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7 Comic Book Arcs To Read On A Long Wait

7 Comic Book Arcs To Read On A Long Wait

Comic books have rocketed into popular demand with the continuous release of Marvel and DC superhero movies. However, with this recent rise in movie materials, there also come long waits for the next release. Many of us will have to wait a year before the next superhero movie is released, and for some, this wait may be too long of a separation from your favorite characters.

Do not worry. Check out these seven comic book arcs that can you can read to keep you occupied during a long wait!

Superior Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable superheroes in the world, and throughout his long history, he has come up against many brightly colored and insidious villains. One of them is Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man has fought him on many occasions but has only ever truly lost in one, which led to Spider-Man’s demise. Otto Octavius managed to switch bodies with Spider-Man and while Dr. Octopus lived in Peter’s body, Peter died in Ocatvius’s old body.

Through one last struggle, Dr. Octavius experiences Peter’s life and, in doing so, learn the lesson of great power and great responsibility. As such, Dr. Octopus vows to continue Peter’s service, as the new Superior Spider-Man. In this arc, Spider-Man takes a darker turn, with Otto leading to new and more sinister superhero tactics. However, as the story continues, readers delve into Dr. Octopus’s drive and examine the true value of a hero.


7 Comic Book Arcs To Read On A Long Wait


Imagine a world where heroes and villains switch sides. This is the exact premise of this comic book arc. In this story, Loki, Carnage, Red Skull and many others are turned on their moral axis by an inversion spell and as such, the villains are now tasked to save the world from Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Storm. Though this story does not entirely change the scope of Marvel Comics, it is a fun little comic arc to read if you are in the mood for a change in stories.

Renew Your Vows

Spider-Man has had a very complicated love life. Many writers across his history, as well as many editors-in-chief- at Marvel, have written, changed, and retconned many parts of  Spider-man’s life, and no bigger part of his life has changed as his love life. Many in the character’s early history have hoped for Peter and Gwen Stacy to end up together, but as this relationship ended, a new one emerged, that many of us think of as the only true relationship: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

After a sudden and very hated move, Spider-Man’s marriage to M.J. was erased, in order to not salvage Peter’s bachelor lifestyle and unnecessary drama. However, many fans were angry at this change and, eventually, Marvel listened. Renew Your Vows came out as a story written in a world where Spider-Man and Mary Jane stayed together. If true love is a favorite theme of yours, check this comic out.


7 Comic Book Arcs To Read On A Long Wait

Civil War

The United States is divided right now, and this schism is taken into consideration in Marvel’s Civil War. In it, Captain America and Iron Man, two very important characters, argue over their stances concerning national security in surveillance and liberty. If you are interested in politics and superheroes, here is a great comic book about superheroes in a very real world of complicated issues.

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Secret Empire

Captain America is one of the few, if not only, heroes in any media who stands up for goodness and liberty for all. In this comic, Captain America is revealed to be a Hydra agent, aka a Nazi. With the world’s most moral hero corrupted, it is up to every other hero to decide what truly is, in a complicated world, good. With themes of Nazism and moral ambiguity, this comic is a well-written story for those who which for realistic themes found in today’s world in their stories.


Planet Hulk

The Hulk has been, in the majority of his history, a threat. After being chased and hunted by the military, the Marvel superheroes send their old friend into space, where he crash lands into an alien planet that thrusts the Hulk into a world of gladiators. In this comic, the nature of the Hulk is examined, and if you like gladiator stories, check this comic out.

7 Comic Book Arcs To Read On A Long Wait

Green Lantern: Darkest Night

Green Lantern is a superhero focused on the power of emotions, and in this comic, is faced against the ultimate opponent of emotions, death. In this zombie book, the color spectrum is divided and examined under the lens that hopes to answer the question, “What is life worth when faced against eventual death?”If you like your comics with a tinge of philosophy, check out this zombie DC comic book.

Here are only a couple of comics that you guys may be interested in reading during a long wait. If you guys have any more comic book suggestions, share them below!

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