8 Comfy Travel Outfits That Are Still Fashionable

Whether you’re flying or driving, comfy travel outfits are essential, that’s a given. But the hard part about comfy clothes is that they can easily be not that cute, and the last thing you want when you get to your destination is to look like you just rolled out of bed and onto the plane or into your car, you want to look cute, comfy, and put together. These 10 comfy travel outfits are the perfect combination of fashionable and comfy.

1. Oversized sweater

There’s nothing more comfortable than an oversized sweater, so they’re perfect for travel – especially plane travel because long flights can get really cold. Pair it with some leggings and sneakers for a super cute and easy comfy travel outfit.

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2. Super easy with a t-shirt and cardigan combo

It can’t get much easier than a simple t-shirt, especially when your destination is somewhere warm, but throw on a cardigan for that warmth you’ll need on the plane and there you go! Super easy but still cute.

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3. 1/4 zip-up for the win

If you’re not a sweater or cardigan person or if you just want another simple option, try a 1/4 zip-up sweater! You’ll look cute and feel comfy. Plus, it’ll still keep you warm, but you can wear a tank or t-shirt underneath if your destination is someplace warm.

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4. Puffer Vest

If you’re headed somewhere cooler, wearing a puffer vest is a great option because it’ll help keep you warm and also save you tons of space in your suitcase. Throw on a long sleeve tee and some leggings, and you’re good to go! Super easy, and a super cozy travel outfit.

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5. Throw on the jacket you want to bring over a comfy top

Not only will this save you precious space in your suitcase, but it’ll also make you look instantly more fashionable. You’ll look cute and stay warm on the plane and honestly, that’s what matters most, right?

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6. Try out a monochrome outfit

Monochrome outfits will almost always make you look super fashionable, so why not make a comfy version for when you are traveling? Personally, I love all black, so try a black tee with black leggings, and a cardigan or jacket. Perfect, easy, cute, and comfy.

7. Joggers

If you don’t want to wear leggings or if they aren’t the vibe you like, go for some joggers. Not only are joggers super comfortable, but they’re also super cute. Try styling a simple or graphic tee for an effortless look.

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8. Spice up your joggers with a cute, fitted top

To elevate your jogger outfit, try pairing them with a cute fitted tee. I love the look of this stripped mock neck top and the style of these joggers.

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9. Opt for the trusty sweatshirt

Honestly, who says you can’t look amazing in a hoodie? Toss one on and you won’t regret your decision.

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10. Opt for a knotted tee if you want a little more than a basic tee but still want a simple and cozy outfit

Super easy, you can either buy a knotted tee or knot your own. Toss on a jacket or cardigan, throw on some leggings or joggers, and your go-to travel shoe and you’re all set!

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What are your favorite things to wear to stay fashionable and comfy when you travel? What do you think of these travel outfits? Comment down below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-walking-on-pathway-while-strolling-luggage-1008155/
Summer Dreyer

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