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Comfy Heels You’ll Be Wearing All 2019

It’s 2019 ladies, and we aren’t accepting anything but comfort when it comes to our shoes. These are the comfy heels you’ll be wearing all 2019. Before 2018 ended, I pledged to myself to toss any shoes that weren’t comfortable, heels included. With that said, it has been my mission to find comfy heels since 2019 started. I’d say I’m doing pretty good because I’ve discovered ten comfy heels for this year already. For some reason, we’re told that heels aren’t supposed to be comfortable, but that’s a total lie. Follow below for ten of the comfiest heels you’ll be wearing all 2019!

1. Embroidered Block Heels

The first of many comfy heels is the block heel. Block heels are notorious for comfort because they provide extra support that other heels don’t necessarily offer. Opt for an embroidered block heel like the one below. Embroidery is beautiful, and it makes your heels unique!

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2. Bow-Tie Pumps

These pumps are seriously comfy! They’re not too high or too short; they’re the perfect height! That’s one thing that I look at when it comes to heels, the actual height. We tend to buy super high heels, and those are the ones that cause the most discomfort. Maybe go for an in-between height this year!

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3. Red Lace-Up Heels

I understand that these can look uncomfortable; well they’re not! There are two things behind their comfort: the platform and the laces. I’ve found that a heel with a large platform adds extra support and that laces hold your foot into the heel better than others!

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4. Kitten Heels

An easy go-to comfy heel is the kitten heel! There has always been a stigma that kitten heels are only for those older than 50. It’s time to throw that stigma away. There are some seriously cute kitten heels out there, and they’re the comfiest heels I’ve ever had.

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5. Velvet Heels

Once again a large platform rules the comfy heel category, except this time it’s in velvet form. I own these heels, and they are more comfortable than they look. I’m not lying this large platform is what saves your feet from severe pain!

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6. Platform Block Heels

As I said before, block heels run the comfy heel scene. There’s something about a block heel that works with our feet. The ones below are both a block heel with a mule front. That means that your foot is secure and the heel is supporting you. This platform block heel is a must-have comfy heel for 2019.

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7. Forest Green Heels

The block heel strikes again, but this time it’s in forest green, and it has a unique design. Comfy heels don’t have to be boring, proven by the heels below. Designers are working hard to create heels that provide comfort with gorgeous designs.

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8. Not Your Classic Pumps

A classic pump is an easy, comfy heel option. Most of the time pumps aren’t too high, and that is what helps with their comfort. I love the comfy heels below because they make a boring shoe look sexy. The polka dot mesh creates the sexy look.

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9. Neutral Lace-Up Heels

Lace-up heels are any easy, comfy heel option. I own a few pairs of these, and they are some of my favorite heels. A neutral comfy heel is a must-have for 2019. This is a heel that lasts for a long time, and it looks great with almost everything.

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10. Low Block Heels

These Chanel block heels are the comfy heels of my dreams! The design of them is made explicitly for comfort. These comfy heels don’t have a high heel, and they don’t squeeze your feet. This is the ultimate comfy heel.

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Which of these comfy heels will you add to your collection?

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Lauren Gragson

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