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Comforting Tips To Stay Warm During The Winter Months

Comforting Tips To Stay Warm During The Winter Months

Winter is coming, and you will need all the ways to stay nice and warm in your house this season. These comforting tips can provide a nice insight to stay warm whether you are lounging at home or out of the house. Grab your hot cocoa and get comfy as you read these great tips!

Wear Layers

Whether going out or staying home, layers can provide an extra layer of warmth during the season. Put on a pair of leggings underneath your jeans to keep your legs warm. Put on a sweatshirt over top your shirt. It might seem like a lot, but you need to put on as many layers as you can to stay warm, especially if you are going to be outside. Even put on a robe if you are going to be staying inside all day! Keep your head covered when outside for you lose a lot of heat when you have your head exposed.

Comforting Tips To Stay Warm During The Winter Months


Check the Clothing for Suitable Outings

Not all types of clothing are good for the winter season so look into what would be best to wear as some comforting tips suggest. While cotton is the normal type of clothing to wear, it is not very good once it gets wet. Cotton takes a very long time to dry and you’ll lose more heat this way. If you do decide to wear cotton, take precautions and don’t get the material wet so you can stay dry and warm.

Wool is the best material to wear during the winter season, but it’s not always the favorite among people. Wool is itchy and people would want their clothing to be comfortable to wear and not be itching themselves every few minutes. Wicking material is very good for it is insulated to keep the heat in and moisture out. This material is great to have if you plan on going outdoors during the winter months. 

Slippers and Socks

This comforting tip will be helpful is you have bare floors. Socks and slippers provide extra protection from keeping your feet from touching the cold floor. Your feet will thank you by keeping them in a pair of wool socks or warm slippers. Get a pair of socks that are insulated to keep your feet nice and warm, no matter where you are! 

Snuggle in Blankets

Get those comfy blankets ready, you are going to need them during the winter season! Bundle yourself up in as many blankets are you want and get as comfy as possible! Comforting tips like this one will come in handy for this season. Bring out all the heavy blankets you’ve kept in your closet to use. Those heavy blankets will really come in handy and will keep you nice and warm when you sleep at night. Being wrapped up in blankets, it may tempt you to take a nap.


Comforting Tips To Stay Warm During The Winter Months

Reverse the Ceiling Fans

Having the fans running will help, even if it doesn’t sound like it will. Have them running at a low speed in a clockwise direction as this will help to pull the warm air down to the ground level. You can have them running at night so the warm air will circulate around your bed and to keep you warm as you sleep.

Use Heating Pads

These pads are great to use, indoors or outdoors. Some pads are microwaveable while others you have to squeeze them to get the heat to run through the pad. Once the pads are nice and warm, place them on your hands and/or feet when you’re sitting or lying down. These pads are great to have if you spend most of your time at work being outside. It’ll certainly keep your hands and feet warm during the time you spend outdoors.


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Take a Hot Bath

Soaking in hot water is a relaxing experience and can keep you warm for a period of time. Put in a bubble bath or a bath bomb to surround yourself with a pleasant aroma. Of course, with this comforting tip, make sure there is another bathroom your guests can use while you relax. You don’t want to hog the bathroom for a long period of time. But if it is only you in the house, then take all the time you want soaking in the nice, hot water.

Comforting Tips To Stay Warm During The Winter Months


Don’t Run the Bathroom Fan

The bathroom fan helps to get rid of the humidity you make when you take a hot shower and while it helps to clear the condensation from the mirror, turn it off after you have finished. The humidity will help make the house feel warmer so after you finish drying and changing, leave the bathroom door open to spread the humidity across the house to warm up the place a bit.

Eat and Drink Warm Meals

Save the ice cream and lemonade for the summertime, it’s time to bring out the hot cocoa and soup! Of course, this may seem redundant and not as much a comforting tip as you are probably expecting. But ingesting warm food and liquids can help to keep you warm! You might prefer the almost burning feeling in your mouth which would be a welcoming presence. The winter months are the perfect time to try those new stew recipes or make excellent hot cocoa!

Be Active

Try doing some exercises while you are at home or take a walk if you are able to at work. By being active, you can generate more body heat so you can keep yourself warm. Keep moving to spread as much heat as you can throughout your body. Do exercise videos for an hour or two or even a simple cardio routine you found off the internet. Either way, if you keep moving and get the blood pumping, you’ll be warm in no time!

Make Sure the Furnace isn’t Blocked

Before a big snowstorm hits, check to make sure nothing is blocking the furnace from getting heat into your home. You don’t want to get any unwanted fumes in your house, and you don’t want to find out the day of a snowstorm that something is in the way. Check ahead of time, clear out any debris, and make sure the furnace will be able to run properly so you can stay warm. 


Which of these comfy tips will you use to stay warm this winter? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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