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10 Comfortable Bras to Keep Your Girls Happy

Whether you’re an A cup to a G Cup, your girls deserve a comfortable place to stay during the day. It seems nearly impossible to find that perfect fit, so here’s a list of some tried and truly comfortable bras to keep your days a little less stressful!

1. Bluegrass Lace

Aerie is American Eagle’s sister brand that supplies their female customers with all of their intimates, activewear, and loungewear needs. With reasonably priced bras and seemingly unlimited styles to choose from, Aerie is many girls’ go-to store for comfortable bras.

This is one of their bralette options, and it is not only pretty and lacy, but it also features a removable pad design, so it will keep you feeling safe and covered while you still feel beautiful. Plus, larger sizes are made with extra support so you won’t have to worry about staying protected!

You can get this “Bluegrass Lace” padded bralette from Aerie for just $27.96, while it’s still on sale!

2. Perfect Shape

Victoria’s Secret has been the biggest bra brand for decades, dominating the lingerie game by popularizing their Angels in a yearly fashion show. Their bras are known to be comfortable, sexy, and practical all in one, creating the perfect bra for whatever’s on your schedule.

This light push-up bra is Victoria’s Secret’s “perfect shape” style, and it adds a little bit of lacy flair to keep it stylish and sexy, while still practical. The fabric is soft, the lining is cushioned, and it’s fully adjustable, so you’re sure to to be covered and comfy.

You can get this bra in-store, or on the Victoria’s Secret website for $59.50.

3. Cotton Essentials

Savage X Fenty is Rihanna’s gorgeous lingerie brand. Catered to women of all sizes (no, really, ALL sizes), Rihanna has easily become a game-changer in the world of lingerie. She too got into the fashion show scene, but her fashion show included models of all shapes, sizes, and colors, ensuring an all-inclusive experience.

With such a strong focus on practicality and proper fit, this cotton bralette is essential to any girl’s wardrobe. It’s one of their many comfortable bras to choose from, but it’s a simple and reliable style to start off with.

You can order this color pattern (among many others!) on Savage X Fenty’s website. You can either become a VIP member, which is literally just agreeing to order at least 1 product a month, and get the bralette for only $9.95! If you choose to order as a guest, it retails for $29.95.

4. Geo Mesh Bustier

This sexy yet sophisticated option comes from Urban Outfitter’s lingerie and loungewear brand, Out From Under. It is made to feel and fit like a bralette, but have a bustier look and feel. The bustier qualities keep your girls controlled while the bralette qualities keep it nice and comfy for however long you wear it.

This one is so cute and covering that you might even consider wearing it by itself! It is perfect for going to a festival during the hot summer months!

You can order this beautiful bustier for $39.00 regularly, but it’s currently on sale for just $35.00!

5. Real Happy Wireless

For this option, you won’t have to forfeit cup protection for comfort, because it’s wireless! Don’t you just hate when those awful wire break and poke you in the ribs and chest? It’s awful, it’s painful, and it can be avoided!

This option comes from Aerie, and it is not only one of their comfortable bras, but it’s a cute one too!

You can order this style, or find it in the store for just $31.46 while it’s still on sale!

6. Floral Lace Balconette

This simple yet sweet balconette bra is available for small chests and big chests alike, and it’s super sexy and practical. Yet another option from Rihanna’s line of lingerie, Savage X Fenty. It’s simple and black, so it’ll go with any outfit you put on.

Featuring a scoop neckline, the most intimate part of you will be covered but you’ll still be able to show off a tasteful bit of cleavage. Especially perfect for date night, this is a comfortable bra you need in your closet.

You can order this balconette beauty and another bra for just $29 with the VIP two for $29 sale!

7. For Keeps Seamless

This option fits almost like a tank top, but with a bit more support for your girls. It comes from Urban Outfitter’s adorable line of lingerie called Out From Under, and it features a sweet heart pattern to keep you feeling cute and comfy at the same time.

Your protected by a super stretchy fabric that hugs your frame. Without all the bulky wires and frilly designs, it’s a perfect bra for layering outfits, if that’s your style!

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This bra comes in as one of the most affordable choices on the list at just $24.00, but if you order soon, you can get it for only $18.00!

8. Heavenly Scoop Bralette

This bralette comes from the infamous Victoria’s Secret. It is unlined, but it’s protective and soft, and it has good reviews for the most part, and the only complaint is that it’s too secure! If you’re the type of person who likes to keep her girls in check, this is the bralette for you!

Most reviewers compliment the softness of the bra, and admit it’s an everyday go-to bralette for themselves, so it’s worth it to give it a try!

You can get this bralette while it’s still on sale for just $29.50, which is a steal for any bra from Victoria’s Secret!

9. No Side Effects

Warner’s is one of the simpler brands on the list, as their bra designs value practicality over all else. Their bras are made to be comfortable and incredibly supportive. They have built in back and side smoothers to make sure you look perfect under even the tightest of top.

This style is called the “No Side Effects” bra, which tells you everything you need to know! This bra is meant to cover and smoothen, so that you’re always looking your most professional! Warner’s bras are also often found in affordable places like Marshall’s and Kohl’s, so you can usually find them for a great price!

You can order this style from Macy’s for just $19.99 while it’s still on sale!

10. Swoosh

Nike is everyone’s favorite sports apparel and shoe brand, so why not purchase your sports bras from them too? Nike is able to combine style with shock support with their Nike Swoosh Icon Clash sports bra. It is made of sustainable materials, which is part of Nike’s new devotion to being green and environmentally friendly.

The Swoosh bra comes in Claystone Red or Metallic Silver, adding a shine to your workout style. It comes with one removable pad and is made with a “dri-fit” technology to aid in those extra sweaty workouts. There’s also a hidden pocket large enough to fit a phone!

You can order this bra directly from Nike’s website for $40.00!

Which one of these comfortable bras would you want to buy? Tell us in the comments below!

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