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Top 10 Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing Winter 2020

Top 10 Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing Winter 2020

A new year means new trends. Below are ten colors everyone will be wearing in winter of 2020. They range from subtle to over the top. There’s a color for everyone and a few of them are a far cry from what people have been wearing. 

From Pantone

Pantone is a company that is considered the foremost authority on everything colors. Specifically working with graphic designers so that way colors show up properly from the desktop to being printed they also work with designers. Every year since 2000 the Pantone Color Institute has come out with a specific color of the year, but they don’t just focus on one color alone. They also predict which colors will be trending during a certain time of the year. The next four colors are colors they predict will be everywhere. 


Vanilla Custard

This is a very delicate color. Pantone describes it as “an understated, smooth and creamy white.” Meaning this is a great base color. This is exactly the kind of color you could dress up or dress down. The image below shows vanilla custard being worn on a silky dress. 

Evening Blue

Switching gears is this next winter color, evening blue. Pantone says it’s a “confident and classic, a deep blue symbolic of the evening sky.” Where as the vanilla custard would be great to be worn during the day this is meant to be worn at night. Evening blue will absolutely dazzle people, especially if worn as a dress like the one below. It isn’t a flashy color at all but because it’s so rich and dramatic it will still manage to catch the eyes of anyone you pass. 



“An unpretentious, yet at the same time elegant gray” is how Pantone describes paloma. The word paloma means dove in spanish. That’s an accurate description for this color because while it is delicate it’s a very strong color. This is a winter color meant to be worn at the office. Even in something as simple as a dress in this color makes it instantly stand out. It’s refined without being too stuffy like other grays or other colors typically associated with being prim and proper. Paloma is also one of those colors you could definitely wear head to toe without seeming overwhelmed. 



Guacamole isn’t just something you can eat it’s also a color you can rock this winter. Pantone explains it to be a “tasteful, nutrient-enriched green”. Below it’s absolutely dazzling. This is a slightly unexpected color choice considering that winter is typically dominated with deeper shades of green but guacamole still really works. It’s not just a modern favorite but the color has hints of days past, you could definitely rock a ’70s outfit wearing this color without looking like you’re wearing a costume. 


From The Runway

Pantone isn’t the only one who decides what is and isn’t popular. Below are colors that a variety of designers showcased on the runway. These were the winter colors worn while cameras were flashing. These are departures from a lot of the flashier colors that have been worn recently, although there is a wildcard in here that ensures nothing gets too minimalistic. 

Cerulean Blue

Cerulean blue is the perfect midway between dark and light blue. It’s great because it definitely matches with the rest of the tone of winter. It’s more muted than other blues but it isn’t dull. This is the kind of color you could wear again and again because it’s such a good basic color. You could definitely build an entire wardrobe around cerulean blue. 


Earth Brown 

Earth brown is rich and deep without being too dark. This isn’t an incredibly jarring brown, and it’s a good neutral brown that it can go with any skin tone. Beige has been all the rage lately but this one is a little easier to style. This winter color can go with just about anything as well. You could easily wear a sweater this color, have boots this color, or even just simply a belt. 

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What’s better than having a glass of merlot? Wearing it. This slight purply, red color is divine. Similar to evening blue this color is one meant to be worn going out. This isn’t a loud color but it still manages to turn heads. Rather than wear the typical burgundy red that everyone wears during the winter consider this merlot instead. It’s unexpected but still a classic. If you still are on the fence of this wine color consider wearing some jewelry of this color or get your next manicure in this shade. 



Yellow is going nowhere in winter of 2020. Although we are toning it down a bit from the famous mustard yellow that’s been everywhere lately. This is a little easier to wear but yellows can be daunting. Below is an all over butterscotch look but that doesn’t have to be the case. This is a color best worn with other neutrals. Try pairing a butterscotch sweater with some black jeans or grey trousers. 

Hot Pink

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean everything has to be subtle and muted. Hot pink is here to stay and it’s everywhere. Although this doesn’t have to be a recreation of childhood outfits, hot pink can definitely be a refined color choice. For instance the image below shows the color being used on a tailored pair of trousers. The army green color of the shirt and jacket ensures this outfit doesn’t become too office Barbie looking. 



Last but certainly not least is turquoise. This color is typically worn during the summer but this year it’s popular during the winter. While it’s probably not the best idea to wear just a bathing suit cover up during the winter there are many other ways you could wear the color turquoise. Obviously turquoise jewelry is always popular. Although this color would look fantastic being worn on a cardigan, scarfs or even a sweater dress. However you decide to wear the color turquoise it will most definitely look fantastic. 


Will you be adding these colors to your winter wardrobe? Comment below!