5 Colorado Stereotypes That Are For Sure True

5 Colorado Stereotypes That Are For Sure True

Colorado is known for many things; the terrifying height of the mountains, hating Texas, and of course, marijuana. Being pretty new to CO, I have had the opportunity to discover the 5 Colorado Stereotypes that are for sure true.

As a bonus to get started, everyone says for sure, and almost never say definitely or yea. Oh, for sure true.


So this one is a two part-er. The first Colorado stereotypes is that everyone is high all the time. While weed is obviously legal and readily available, not everyone is high all day every day. Come towns and counties are dry, with no dispensaries until the town or county over. Few beyond college students wake and bake, who, if we’re being honest here, probably would have whether they went to college in Colorado or not. The second is that Colorado hates out-of-state-rs who come for the weed. For sure the guy from an uptight New England town visiting to ski and ‘just get hella baked’ is a crowd favorite. Weed’s not a big deal anymore, just get high, don’t announce it to the world, and chill. That’s what the weed is for anyway.

5 Colorado Stereotypes That Are For Sure True

You drive a Prius, a Subaru, or a LandRover.

There are officially, three types of people in Colorado, arranged by their vehicles. The Prius owner loves the environment, and nature, and for sure does yoga, like, 3 times a week or their auras loose their positive vibes–that is, if they drive at all. The Subaru can always been seen parked outside an REI, or at a local brewery, but surprisingly, not very often actually in the mountains. Huh, weird. Lastly the LandRover, like that Chainsmokers song, is for sure in Boulder, and for sure was bought by your dad.

Your good down jacket.

With the prevalence of stores like Sheells, REI, and one of the largest Bass-Pro Shops right by the Demon HorseTM, high quality out-doors is easy to come by. And it’s important, with all the 14ers you gotta bag. That being said, the Colorado stereotype of wearing outdooring clothes all day everyday is pretty accurate. Walk down the street and every other person will be wearing their good down jacket (which don’t go cheap BTW) on a mild spring day, hiking boots to the grocery store, and a water tight backpack with water bladder, full, an extra water bottle and local vegan protein bar. As a friend of mine said, “it’s more important to seem like you’re getting back from a hike than actually going for a hike.” Too true.

5 Colorado Stereotypes That Are For Sure True

Dog friendly patios.

This Colorado stereotype is all too true. Sitting outside in the more than 300 days of sunshine enjoying any delicious craft beer–not Coors, get out of her with your pedestrian garbage–the brewery patio has to be dog friendly. If it isn’t, well there is another, equally good brewery just down the road that isn’t staffed by literal Nazis. If only I was a fiction writer.

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5 Colorado Stereotypes That Are For Sure True

Hippies and Hipsters.

Well, while it can be difficult to tell the difference between these two categories, it’s for sure not wrong. Enough has been said about both, but let me just tell you, getting fresh, organic, locally sourced vegetables for only 4-6 times what I’d pay Kroger is just excellent. And sometimes I can barter with this locally sourced firewood that I chopped, you could use it for your wood-fire oven that you bake your bread in. For sure.

5 Colorado Stereotypes That Are For Sure True

Colorado is a colorful place full of wonder, mountains, craft breweries, and dogs everywhere. Being so colorful comes with its stereotypes, and at least these 5 Colorado Stereotypes are for sure true.

Enjoy this before heading to colorful Colorado, and share with your friends before visiting!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/aerial-view-of-green-mountain-163550/
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