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Color Your Hangers DIY

Looking to add some color to your closet without spending lots of money on clothes? Just decorate your hangers. I had a DIY about turning your hangers into ones for your shoes, but here’s another really easy thing you can to do improve the aesthetic of your space. All you need is some wooden hangers and spray paint!

If they are a little rough, sand them a little, and then paint them! Make sure you have an open space in which to do the painting, and you’ll probably want to have something underneath so you don’t make a big mess. An old sheet or something that you don’t care about will do. Do as many coats of the spray paint as you feel necessary. I like the mismatching color look but you can also paint all the hangers you have in one color. You can also put studs or decorations on, glitter, or even use acrylic paint to make some designs. They’re your hangers, decorate them as you want!

Inspiration from here and other photos from here and here.

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