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10 College Wardrobe Essentials Every IWU Girl Needs

10 College Wardrobe Essentials Every IWU Girl Needs

There are just some articles of clothing that every girl needs, and then there are some wardrobe essentials that are necessary for college. Keep reading for 10 top college wardrobe essentials every IWU girl needs to own!

1. Cardigans

Walking to class in the morning, it’ll be pretty cold. But then once you leave the cafeteria and head to your 1 p.m. class it’ll be blazing outside. *sigh* This is the struggle of Indiana weather. But this is why cardigans are a must for your college wardrobe! You can wear it in the morning, and then take it off and wear it around your waist while you’re outside in the middle of the afternoon. And then you’ll have to put it back on once you enter the freezing classrooms!

2. Crewnecks

Another staple for an IWU wardrobe- crewnecks are one of my favorite things to wear at school. They are so comfy, and if they are big on me, I like to wear them with leggings. This pink one is my favorite and can be purchased in the IWU bookstore in the Barnes Student Center.


3. Rainboots

If you’re going to attend IWU, you have to be prepared for the rain! Even if the forecast doesn’t say anything about rain that day, you never know with that Indiana weather. I always carry an umbrella with me, and I have two pairs of rain boots in my closet that are always ready to go.

4. Hats

This is an essential for those days when you wake up late and don’t have time to do you’re hair… or if you are just not feeling like primping yourself that day. IWU hats can also be purchased in the bookstore.

5. Scarves

Fall weather is quickly approaching which means scarves are a must! I love wearing scarves to add extra cuteness—and warmth—to any outfit.


6. Leggings

Another must for those days when you are not feeling like dressing up for class. You can find me wearing leggings most of the time during the school year. This IWU long-sleeved is perfect with leggings because it is comfortable and covers my bum.

7. Combat Boots

Even though you’ll be matching with every other girl in the school, I always bring my combat boots with me. They are perfect for the colder days and stay strong during snow and rain!

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8. Moccasins

I know, it seems pretty strange to include moccasins in a wardrobe must list. But I have found myself wearing my moccasins a lot while I’m at IWU. They are so comfy and keep my feet warm, I usually wear them with leggings and a crewneck. Just make sure it’s not raining that day!

9. Headbands

Just like hats, headbands are perfect to add to your hair that you didn’t fix when you got ready. I love wearing headbands because they can add so much to any outfit you wear!

10. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a must to add to any wardrobe because it can always add a spice of flavor to whatever you decide to wear that day.


What are the college wardrobe essentials every IWU girl needs in your opinion? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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