12 College Time Management Tips Every Student Should Know

College is a busy and stressful time for students. Between classes, jobs, internships, and much more, every second of time is precious. We are given a limited amount of time each day to accomplish what we have to and want to. With effective time management skills, students can maximize their day to be as productive as possible. Here is a list of college time management tips that will save your sanity!

1. Keep a physical planner.

Having a physical planner allows you to see everything you need to get done in one place. Putting check marks next to completed tasks and seeing all you have accomplished is fulfilling!

2. Write down tasks and deadlines as soon as you receive them.

Writing things down is helpful. Even if you have to put it on your phone and transfer it to your calendar later, writing tasks down helps you keep track of everything.

3. Do not overbook your days.

While college can be about experiencing new things, overbooking your days actually limits what you can get done. You need time to completely accomplish everything you need to do.

4. Plan to arrive early for meetings and events.

Be sure to schedule leeway time for emergencies such as traffic or not being able to find the meeting place. It is better to be early than late.

5. Plan time for self-care time as you would for other tasks.

While you may be tempted to fill your schedule with events, classes, and clubs make sure to leave some time for you! Even if it is just dinner or time to read for pleasure, plan an hour or two for yourself.

6. Set alarms on your phone.

If you have to be somewhere, set alarms to go off a few hours before the event. By doing this, you will remind yourself of what you need to and when.

7. Stay organized as much as possible.

Use separate binders and notebooks for each class and organization you are in. This will help you save time by not having to dig through binders when looking for information or assignments. There are tons of college time management tips that will help you become efficient.

8. Use the time you use to commute to get things done.

If you commute using public transportation, use this time to read or work on assignments. This allows you to be as productive as possible and alleviates the stress that you have when tasks build up.

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9. Prioritize your tasks.

Homework or studying for a class is more important than attending club meetings. Things that are due this week are more important than things that are new next week. Prioritizing tasks alleviates stress and helps you decide what needs to get done.

10. Follow a routine.

Having a routine allows you to see how much time you have available in a day. If you know that you have time slots throughout the day, you can plan other things accordingly, even if they are spontaneous.

11. Set time limits for tasks.

Setting time limits for tasks allows you to stay focused and gives you a goal to accomplish. Scheduling tasks with time limits make it easier to plan your day and schedule everything you need to.

12. Use wait time productively.

If you have an appointment and arrive early, use the time to start work or read. Always bring something to do, even if it does not seem like much.

What do you think of these college time management tips? Let us know in the comments below!
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