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20 College Student Thoughts Walking To Class

20 College Student Thoughts Walking To Class

Here are relatable college student thoughts. These thoughts are priceless and there is no denying you think them too. Check out these college thoughts.

Walking to class, all of our minds tend to wander. Here are a few things that usually runs through the heads of a college student on their trek to class! These are the best college student thoughts you all have walking to class.

1. Will I have time to stop for a coffee?

Caffeine addiction is real.

2. I should have just taken the bus.

The regret is real.


3. I need a nap rn.

Sleep is always a move.

4. I deserve a medal for going to class!

A huge feat for a college student.

5. This weather sucks.

It could be any season, the weather will always suck to a college student on his/her way to class.


6. Why can’t everyone walk at a decent pace?

Slow walkers are brutal.

7. I hope my outfit matches.

We have all just thrown on the first top you see before leaving the house.

8. Is there homework due in this class?

Too late.


9. Im hungry af.

College students’ stomach’s are endless pits.

10. Hopefully they let this class out early.

Rare but amazing.

11. I REALLY need to go to the gym later.

Prob won’t happen, but hey, you tried!


12. Why are there so many damn hills?

Too much effort.

13. I hope I don’t see anyone I know.

The outfit is not always on point.

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14. I need a hype song to listen to rn.

A little musical inspiration.

15. Am I walking weird?

A silent fear of almost everyone.

16. I need to plan what I’ll eat for dinner tonight.

Motivation to get you through the day.


17. Do I know them? Should I just smile?

It’s hard to distinguish a familiar face with random faces on a big campus.

18. I must plan my outfit for tonight!

You’ll end up not wearing what you planned, but who cares!

19. Why is this class so far?

Everything def seems further when you’re going somewhere you don’t want to go.


20. I wonder how much money is in my account.

You’re probably broke, so don’t even bother checking.

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