College Party Do’s And Don’ts

College is about building new habits for living your life well, enhancing your learning tactics and  exploring your interests. While being a normal college student, there’s one thing that we all share a common interest – going to a college party.  Some of us may have been to a few of the most outrageous parties in the oddest places – a vacant house, a warehouse, or an abandoned party hall. Even the silliest things like going home with someone you just played beer pong with can happen at a party, but if you’re part of the introvert club, you’ll learn today about what you can do at a party and things that you should strictly avoid doing altogether- even if your friends give you the thumbs up.

College Party Do’s And Don’ts

Always have a designated driver, even if you know your limit.

At a college party, assure your safety. This may sound pretty silly, but it is very important to be absolutely certain that you and everyone with you can get home safely. Also, because of the possibility of being intoxicated, you really do not want to hitch a ride from someone who you didn’t arrive to the party with. Simply because they may seem like a pretty cool person, it is better to just plan ahead to avoid potential trouble.

Wear comfortably cute or cool clothing.

You can put yourself together for a college party with something that isn’t too revealing or just downright uncomfortable. There’s absolutely no need to take a risk at impressing someone and then end up catching a pretty bad cold later in the week, screwing up your grades. It’s okay to have fun and to dress up at times, but it’s also better to dress like yourself and be content with what you have to work with. Remember that you are just you and you and are partying to enjoy yourself, above all else.

Have fun!

This may seem like a tip that you learned in Common Sense 101, but you are responsible for having a good time at a college party. Play some games and, if you are in the mood, make some new friends! There is absolutely nothing wrong with making friends that seem to be outside your typical clique, but be sure you are playing safe while you are doing it. Everyone has their own perspectives on how to heighten their social life, and it should be fun, positive and memorable. Make the best out of whatever life has to offer.

In contrast, we tend to forget that some things can turn south very quickly, and this includes at college parties as well. Guests at any occasion can seem to have good intentions bu, unfortunately, are sly people. It is always good to know what is right and wrong, and hold on to your values at a party and every other social environment. Here is were you will know what is not okay to do and what should be strictly avoided at a party.

College Party Do’s And Don’ts

Never leave your friends.

No one should even attempt to oppose this idea. You are safer when you’re traveling in groups of trusted and close friends of yours. There will be, almost at any party, dangerous people who will attempt to take advantage of inebriated students. Yes, you may be around people who might witness something if anything happens to you, but it isn’t the best thing to bet on. Stay close by your friends and stay safe.

College Party Do’s And Don’ts

Do not lose yourself.

We all know that alcohol and or drugs may be present at a party but, despite sounding like your mom, you truly don’t need those things to have fun. At a college party, when you give in to these intoxicants, they can make you do things that you never wanted to do. Several things can go wrong doing one or taking the other. People get into fights, unintentionally, hurt themselves, say mean things, be very mischievous, and other much more serious crimes. You are not only hurting yourself, but others as well. So please be very careful.

In the end, just remember to stay true to yourself. There’s no need to push yourself to fit in with the students you aspire to be at the party. If you want to do something fun, don’t believe that drugs and alcohol are your only options. You can sing songs, dance to your favorite jams, and flirt with people all you want. The night is yours and you should have fun doing all that you want. Your life is no one else’s, so do not cause trouble because of the childishness, carelessness and foolishness of others. Please share these tips with you’re friends and enjoy your college parties!

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