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How to Stay Focused When You Go to College in Miami

How to Stay Focused When You Go to College in Miami

Looking to go to college in Miami? Here's an article on how you can totally have fun, but also study hard even in the Miami heat!

College in Miami is awesome, however just like any college- balancing everything can be quite the feat. Everyone always says that college is supposed to be the best four (or more) years of your life. But what about how challenging it is? Being able to maintain good grades, have a social life, work, be in a healthy relationship and binge-watch Friends should be degree-worthy all on its own. Now let’s throw Miami into this picture. How are you supposed to focus on school when you live where other people vacation? Did you just set yourself up for failure?

To be honest, going to college in Miami it’s hard to stay focused all the time. And it’s okay to ditch class once in a while (like once or twice a semester) for a much needed beach day–sorry mom and dad! But it becomes not okay when you’re missing so much that you’re totally lost in the next class, don’t turn in assignments, or forget that you have an exam the next day. It’s all about having self-control, and realizing what’s important: getting that degree.

If you plan on attending college in Miami or if you’re already here for school, here’s how to stay focused when you go to college in Miami:



If you want to make good use of your homework and study time before going out, then make prioritizing your bitch. Find out what assignments are going to take more time than others and get those done first–or at least start them. Since assignments, projects, and exams are worth a different percentage of your grade, make sure that you’re focusing more on the things that’ll cost you the most points.Some tips on How to Stay Focused When You Go to College in Miami!

Plan Ahead

Look through your assignment schedules and write down what due dates are coming up. Even if you have a project that isn’t due for another couple weeks, start working on it a little bit at a time so that when it actually is due, you’re not stressing about in the coming days and sacrifice perfect beach weather.

If you know an event is happening around Miami that you don’t want to miss, then make sure you plan to get all of your work done beforehand so you can go without stressing about school. If that means staying in on ladies night in the middle of the week, then stay in on ladies night so you can have even more fun this weekend. Sometimes you have to compromise, but it’s worth it.


Some tips on How to Stay Focused When You Go to College in Miami!

Make friends with those who study as much as they party

Believe it or not, the group of friends you surround yourself with can also have a big impact on your grades. If all your friends can talk about is where the next party is and when you’ll be done studying, then maybe it’s time to take a break from them for a bit. There’s nothing worse than feeling left out because you have to study; so, just find the ones who care about their grades as much as you do.

And just because some people get better grades or study more often, doesn’t mean they don’t still find time to go out and have fun. It’s all about moderation and choosing what’s more important. You don’t have to go to the beach every single weekend or get drunk every night of the week. The beach and the bars will still be there when you’re done studying, I promise.

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Stay off social media while you study

Obviously one of the biggest distractions of all time is social media. It’s easy to get lost in your newsfeed or 32 weeks into someone else’s Instagram photos, so it’s important to resist that urge when you’re studying. This is especially important when you go to school in Miami because then you have to sit back and watch all your friends post beach and boat pics while you’re stuck in the library for the rest of the day.

The best way to prevent this is to just stay off social media for a couple of hours while you’re studying. Leave your phone in your bag or faced down where you can’t see it so you’re not tempted to scroll. Once you start doing this, you’ll notice how much faster all the work gets done and the less your mind trails off to beach mode.


Some tips on How to Stay Focused When You Go to College in Miami!

Study at the beach

Who says studying has to be boring all the time? When you live literally less than 15 minutes from the beach, why not takes your books to the beach for some studying? You probably don’t want to go with that group of party friends because then you definitely won’t get anything done. But, maybe invite a friend or two who also have studying or homework to do. Trust me, the first time you decide to bring some work to the beach, you’ll be wondering why the hell you didn’t start doing it sooner.

So, if you have ever thought about going to college in Miami, hopefully this article gave you some insight as to what it’s like!

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