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8 College Horror Movie To Binge This Halloween

8 College Horror Movie To Binge This Halloween

One of the best past times of this season is binge watching horror movies from the past. Besides high school students, college students seem to be the stars of these movies. It might seem a little biased, but they are actually some of the most entertaining. Here are 8 College Horror Movies to Binge this Halloween!

1. Cabin in the Woods

This Joss Whedon roller coaster is sure to keep you on your toes while also giving you a good scare this season. The Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer keeps the humor he’s known for and combines it with a simple horror movie premise: a cabin in the woods. It plays with conventions only for the rug to be pulled out from under the viewer.

The movie might seem like a regular old slasher flick at the start, but pay close attention, and you’ll be introduced to a world you never knew was there. It would actually be horrifying if something like it were to exist. The twist and the acting from the cast (which includes Thor himself) makes this fun and engaging movie that’ll stay with you even after you’ve watched it.


2. Scream 2

The sequel to the horror defining classic follows protagonist Sidney Prescott as she experiences college and another masked killer from her past. Most of the cast from the original returns to arguably make a better movie than the first one.

If you’ve never seen Scream, you’re in for a suspenseful ride crafted by Kevin Williamson, who also created of The Vampire Diaries. What makes this a perfect Halloween movie is how real it could truly be. It doesn’t take much for someone to put on a mask and go on a killing spree. Williamson was actually inspired by real life stories when writing the first movie. 

3. The Roommate

Having a roommate who steals your stuff is the worst, but can you imagine a roommate who wants to be you? The Roommate takes that premise and adds in murder.


Starring Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly, this psychological trip is one of the worst case scenarios anyone imagines when thinking of a college roommate. There are a lot of nightmare scenarios in this film, like having a belly button ring ripped out, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat instead of deterring you. It takes the “Single White Female” story and put it on a college campus. It’s not too scary, and a perfect  flick to keep the Halloween marathon going.

4. Black Christmas

A sorority is stuck in their house for Christmas break, only, they’re not the only ones there. This film is one that is considered to be the pioneer of the slasher-genre. If you haven’t seen it, now will be your perfect chance.

Whether you watch the original 70’s version or the 2005 remake, the mysteries of the sorority house will keep you engaged throughout its entire run time. Each version of the film ramps up the intensity as each minute passes; right up to the point the girls learn they’re not the only ones in the house. You should actually just watch both, you won’t regret it. There’s actually a new take on Black Christmas to be released this December as a remake and will starring Imogen Poots.


5. Urban Legend

We all here about them, but in this movie, the urban legend that floats around campus turns out to be real. This is another one that’s scary because it could very well happen, as in this flick, someone hears about an urban legend and decides they want to be the one to make it real. 

If you’re into movies like Scream, this one for you. Scream really influenced the genre after it’s release, and you can see the effects it had in this film. The killer is also fairly intimidating akin to Michael Myers in Halloween. 

6. Midsommar

We’ve all been through break-ups, none of them probably ended in immolation. The newest film on the list was released this summer, and if you haven’t seen it, you should. Ari Aster, director of Hereditary, is quickly becoming a filmmaker’s movies whose movies are a must-see.

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I don’t want to explain much for this one, because there’s a lot that can be spoiled with not a lot of information. Do yourself a favor and not watch it with your significant other, though.

7. Final Exam

An old favorite where a group of cliché college students start getting killed off on campus. Released in 1981, the movie is admittedly weird, but that’s exactly what makes it so good. It was compared both favorably and unfavorably to Halloween and Friday the 13 when originally released. 


What makes this film so unique is that the killer was shown often but had no connection to the students he was picking off one by one. It combines the college prank humor of Animal House with the established slasher aspects of the time. This is a movie that every horror movie aficionado should add to their list this Halloween. 

8. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

This movie takes the college kids and makes them look like actual kids. They give you some to root for, but in general, they’re not the smartest people. It’s another film that takes horror movie conventions and turns them on their head as this is more of a comedy than a horror movie. This is a good reliever is you had the guts to watch Midsommar.

While not very scary, Tucker & Dale is fairly brutal as the characters slowly put themselves in situations that result in fatal consequences. If you’re super squeamish, it won’t make you cringe too bad as the humor balances it out. Watch this movie with a group of people so you can talk and laugh at the hilarity that ensues when the characters learn the truth of what’s going on.


Whether you like your horror with existential break-ups or stalker roommate, these movies will be sure to take Halloween from a crime scene to an absolute massacre.Comment on some of your favorite horror movies down below!

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