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The College Girl’s Guide To Summer Fashion

The College Girl’s Guide To Summer Fashion

Summer is arguably the best season for fashion. From edgy sandals to vintage cut-offs, you can really let your personality fly free through your outfit choices. Little pieces go a long way in the summer, and it’s easy and fun to make a statement with that one perfect item. While you may have been holding back during the school year, summer is the time to really show off your true style. In order to achieve those great summer fashion vibes we live for, here’s a quick guide to summer fashion for college girls.

1. You have to have at least one pair of cute summer heels.

We don’t have to worry about rushing to class or opting for a pair of sneakers in the summer. Even flip flops do not have to be your go-to shoe choice. A pair of peep-toe heels go with just about anything (even your favorite jean shorts!). Look for your perfect pair at stores like DSW, or go online to lolashoetique; there are TONS of cute shoes to compliment your summer get-up!


2. A halter top is perfect for just about any occasion.

Has there really been a time where a halter was a bad idea? Let your back see the sun with this super fun cut! These shirts look great with just about anything, and come in so many prints and patterns, it is hard to find a halter that doesn’t fit your style. Tip: Try getting a halter with cute jewels or embellishments to eliminate the need for extra jewelry.

3. A beaded necklace can give even the most basic outfit a major upgrade.

Beads are a staple of nice weather and sunny days. They give a nice break from metal chains, which can end up looking overwhelming and gaudy in the summer, not to mention uncomfortable when it gets super hot!


4. Opt for strappy sandals over flip flops to keep from looking too casual.

Why not show off your toes after hiding them for months? Strappy sandals look good on any foot. They are light and add a pretty silhouette that can tie any summer outfit together. Dresses, skirts, shorts, even cuffed jeans look amazing with these sandals!


5. Have a cute thrifty jacket on hand for cooler nights.

While it may be painful to hang it up during the daytime, there are always those cold summer nights where you still want to look like a fashionista. With a pair of high-waisted cutoffs and a crop top, add a cute, light jacket that makes a statement. is the mecca of cute bombers and camos, and they are one of a kind! Tip: Bombers and camo jackets look great in the summer and are airy enough that you won’t get too hot!


6. If you’re unsure of what jewelry to wear, go for gold.

There is something about the way the sun reflects off gold that just screams “summer.” Warm colors of summer (think red, orange, yellow, etc.) look amazing with gold necklaces and bracelets, but then again, so do the cooler tones! No need to splurge on jewelry, Forever21 has the best festive jewelry to complete this look. Tip: Body chains add a special flare to outfits that can’t even be explained.

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7. The easiest way to look on-trend? High-waisted jean shorts.

This might not come as a surprise, but everyone needs a pair of jean shorts in their closet. Not only do they look hip on their own, but they aid themselves nicely to just about any top. Tip: No need to spend $50+ on a pair of “vintage” Levis. Every thrift store you go to will have a pair of shorts or jeans you can make into a one of a kind piece. Check out etsy or your local thrift shop for a cute pair!


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