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10 Reasons Your College Friends Are The Best Friends

1. Your friendship is a choice.

When it comes to college friends, you actively choose to be friends and stay friends with each other. Back in high school, if you stopped being friends with someone, you would have to deal with the awkwardness of seeing them ALL the time. Since this really isn’t the case in college, if you choose to be friends with someone…it’s because you sincerely like them.

2. They wind up knowing you…all too well.

Especially if you live in the dorms. When you live in the same dorm, and even more so the same room as someone else – you form a very different relationship than with those you’ve never lived with. You discover things about the person that others would never, ever know.

3. Your friendship is spontaneous.

College is an adventure, especially with the right friends by your side. Because you all are in the same excited-and-willing-to-try-everything-and-anything mindset together, college friends are often more willing to do go out and try new things that previous friends may not have been so apt to do.


4. No rules = more opportunity to grow.

With the lack of rules and regulations (sorry mom, no more 12 am curfew), it’s so much easier to hang out with your college friends – whenever and wherever. You can stay up as long as you want, and be out as long as you want. Hence why college friends are more spontaneous.

5. They are there for you in a pinch.

College friends will stay up with you all night just talking about life. They’ll hold your hair back when you’ve had a rough night. They’ll go get you when you’re too drunk to get yourself home. They are experiencing this crazy part of life too; you’re in it together, helping each other through each step of the way!

6. College friends don’t judge you on your past.

Going to college is the perfect time to start with a clean slate; no one knows about the mistakes you’ve made in your past. You get to decide when and what you want to tell them. With no preconceived notions, your college friends learn to love and accept you for who you truly are, not forming opinions from stories that may have surrounded you in the past. But, if you do decide to tell them about whatever skeletons you have in your closet – college friends are mature enough to accept them and accept you.

7. You miss them after one day.

Having such easy access to your college friends makes you grow closer to them which, in turn, makes you miss them like crazy…even just after a day.

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8. They’ve got your back, because you have their’s.

College friends will always say “they got you” any time you forget your wallet or don’t have the money. Trivial things, like who paid for what, don’t matter when it comes to college friends. Plus, if they owe you money, you know exactly where they live…

9. They’re your grown up friends.

After a while, you start to lose contact with you friends back home, it’s only natural. While childhood friends will always be there for you when you need them, many of those friendships were created around childhood memories. These new friends are ones you have made at a different stage in your life – a stage where you’re grown up, can more easily grasp the meaning of friendship, and can bond on a completely different level than when you were a kid.

10. They’re your family away from home.

But of course there will be days when you desperately miss home and the family you left behind. But once again, your college friends step right in and fill the void. They can relate to you and every emotion you are going through – which is exactly what you need during bouts of homesickness. College eventually becomes your home away from home, while your college friends become your second family.

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