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College Essentials At Bed Bath And Beyond

College Essentials At Bed Bath And Beyond

The first day of school is creeping closer and closer and now’s the time to get everything you need for college. You don’t want to get stuck shopping two days before you leave and realize that everything you want is gone because everyone else took it first. Plus, if you go shopping early and something that you like is sold out, you have plenty of time to wait for it to come back into stock. Bed Bath and Beyond has everything that you could possibly want to prepare yourself for college.

Bed Bath and Beyond has a section on their website devoted just to college essentials. You can find anything from bedding to closet organizers to wall art and fans. They have tons of choices for food storage, towels, bath accessories, and so much more. It’s pretty much impossible to not find something you like. If you have to bring your own furniture or have the option to remove what they give you, you can find desks and chairs to suit your style. They even have shoe hangers and luggage/duffel bags to help you pack for school more efficiently. Bed Bath and Beyond really has everything you could need to make your college experience successful. Here’s a short list of essentials that are must-haves this back to school season.


Invest in a good comforter that will last you your four years of college. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great selection for any style.



Wall Art

Decorate your walls with photos of friends and unique prints.



Keep your small space in line with help from these organization products.


Bath Accessories

If you have a bathroom, pick up a shower curtain and rug. For a communal bathroom, grab a shower caddy for toting your toiletries back and forth.

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To keep all of your things easily accessible, buy some bins or storage containers. They under the bed and will make your life so much easier.



What college essentials will you be stocking up on at Bed Bath & Beyond? Share in the comments!

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