College Dorm Supplies: What You Forgot And What You Can Leave Behind

Packing for college can feel stressful, especially if you’re beginning your freshman year. You’re going to feel tempted to bring your entire bedroom, but that’s not possible or necessary. Chances are you’ll probably pack a ton of items you won’t need and forget a ton that you do. Here’s a list of what you can leave behind and what you’ll most likely forget.

What you might forget:

First Aid Kit

This is pretty essential, but somehow so many forget to pack one. Everyone should bring a small first aid kit to college. Something with some Band-Aids, burn relief, and ice pack, etc. A basic kit will do the job.

College Dorm Supplies: What You Forgot And What You Can Leave Behind

Mini Tool Set

You might think you don’t need to bring tools to your dorm. You may only use the kit once or twice but it’s worth purchasing. If you need to put something some extra drawers or furniture you’ll be happy you bought it. Your dad can’t act your local handyman anymore.

College Dorm Supplies: What You Forgot And What You Can Leave Behind

Alarm Clock

Almost all of us rely on our phones to wake up in the morning. 99% of the time it works – until it doesn’t. If you break your phone or accidentally fall asleep with the ringer on low, then you’ll regret not having a backup plan. It’s something that’s relatively inexpensive and it can really save your butt.

College Dorm Supplies: What You Forgot And What You Can Leave Behind


Bringing a stapler to college seems like a no brainer and yet a lot of people forget to bring one. Your dorm probably has a stapler in the front office or computer lounge, but you should probably bring your own. Don’t wait until it’s time to turn in your 10-page essay to decide you need a stapler. It bothers most professors and ultimately makes you look unprepared.

College Dorm Supplies: What You Forgot And What You Can Leave Behind


This should be self-explanatory. If you live on campus then you’ll probably be walking to class every day. No matter where you go to college you can guarantee it’s going to rain. Keep an umbrella in your backpack at all times.

What you can leave behind:

Your High School Varsity Jacket

I know your mom spent 500 dollars on that thing but please leave it behind. I don’t even feel like that needs to be said and yet there’s always one freshman still rocking their bulky leather jacket with a tennis racket patch.


Open flames are banned in pretty much every dorm room in America. We know you love Bath & Body Works 2 for 20 deals, but you should probably hold off.


There are always free printers on campus, so there’s no need to bring your own. Most dorms have their own printers in the common area – usually, you need to supply your own paper.


Long story short, you’re never going to vacuum.


A majority of the work you do will be on the computer because it’s 2019 and we’re saving trees. A couple of folders would work fine for the handouts you do receive.


Aside from your textbooks, there’s really no reason to bring your entire library to the dorm. You might have some spare time for leisure reading but you certainly don’t need to bring books you’ve already read.

All of your clothes

Some of us have separation anxiety from their clothes but there simply isn’t enough room for your entire wardrobe in a dorm. Unless you’re a superhuman, you’ll probably stick to t-shirts and leggings for class. It’s unlikely that you’d even get to wear all of your clothes, so save yourself the trouble and leave them behind. It’s less to pack up at the end of the semester anyway!

What’s on your packing list? Comment down below!

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