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College Dorm Bedding Every Guy Will Love

College dorm bedding is a difficult decision. For many college men, their dorms are their sanctuary, their man cave. Here are our favorite college dorm bedding choices that every guy would love to have!

All About the Name

If you are the type of guy that is up to date on brands, this college dorm bedding would be an excellent match for you. These bedspreads are for men who anticipate spending much time in their dorm hosting parties or just having friends over.

This Versace blue and gold bedspread will sure turn the heads of everyone who enters your room. It resembles the royalties of the great Greek Empire. When you fall asleep in this bedspread, you should feel as though you are the emperor of your nation. This bedspread has royalty all over it.

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School Spirit

Suppose school is everything to you as a man. Maybe you are a mascot or a student-athlete. For some students, college is the highlight of their lives. If this is you, you can’t go wrong buying bedding that shows your school spirit!

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The Gamer

Maybe you are the type of student that uses his downtime to climb the leader board in the latest video game. Are you serious about one game in particular? This choice of college dorm bedding is a great ice breaker for new people who walked into your dorm.

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If you are a man that doesn’t want to make to much of a scene, but still want to make a statement, this bedding is something you should truly consider. Simple, bold, and not easy to get dirty, all-black college dorm bedding is a go-to. Opt for black pillowcases to stick to the theme, or mix it up with some color, whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

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See Also

Cool Blue

Blue and white striped bedding is a smooth choice. A simple, yet constant pattern that’s very appealing. Once again, opt for a matching pillowcase, or throw in some color that matches the rest of your room. Don’t like the white and blue? Striped bedding is available in all different colors and can really tie together a color scheme!

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Sleep is Key

Maybe you are the type of guy where materials don’t mean anything to you. When you think of your bedspread, the only thing that comes to mind is a great night’s sleep. This type of comforter is ideal for you because it’s plush and gets the job done. For some students, classes and extracurricular activities may take up so much of your time that you aren’t constantly entertaining people in your room. Instead, you keep your little sanctuary to yourself.

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Which of these college dorm bedding choices was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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