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College Decision: Mac or PC?

There are so many decisions to make before you head to college: do I want a backpack, what color should my bedspread be, should I buy a raincoat? The big question is, though: Should I buy a Mac or PC? Well I’m here to tell you the answer: Mac!

Why Choose a Mac for College?

The answer is simple: Macs are easy to use and offer a variety of apps for everything you need. These laptops are full of the latest technologies which includes an operating system that has built-in defenses to keep your Mac safe from viruses. The Mac notebooks also have new batteries that can last you all class! But what if you want to use Microsoft Office? Not only do Macs work well with Microsoft Office but if there’s a software that Macs can’t provide, you can install Windows on your Mac! What’s could be better than having a PC on your Mac? It’s the best of both worlds!

Macbook Pro -starting at $1,099.00 from the Apple Store for Education


Macbook Air – starting at $949 from the Apple Store for Education

What if You Don’t want a Laptop?

If you’re someone who is concerned about a heavy backpack then maybe you’re not looking for a laptop. Apple can take care of that as well! Apple products also include the iPad and the iPod Touch which can be just as useful on campus or in a classroom. Both of these offer a wide variety of apps that, just like the Mac notebooks, can help you with everything you need – from taking notes to providing a library to carry your books, Apple can take care of it all!

iPad Mini – starting at $329 at the Apple Store for Education 

See Also

iPad with Retina Display -starting at $499 from the Apple Store for Education

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College Students, faculty, and staff can save on these items online through the Apple Store for Education.



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