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10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

Managing time, money, and academics in college is definitely a challenge, but don’t worry: there’s an app for that. To survive as a college student, you’ll get by with a little help from your best friend…your smartphone, duh. From staying organized with assignments to budgeting your money, here are 10 apps that every college student needs to download.

1. Quizlet

The life of a college student during exam season is 20% sleeping, 80% studying. And exams never seem to end. If you’re struggling to stay on top of your studies, then you need to download the Quizlet app immediately!

Quizlet is an app for flashcards and study materials. You can make your own decks, or search for other user’s flashcards. Having a flashcard app on your phone makes it easy to study on the go, and during random times throughout the day. If you use this app religiously, it will do wonders for your GPA.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a lifesaver when it comes to writing essays and papers. Whether you’re an English major or a Biochem major, chances are you’ll have to write an essay at some point in your college career. You better be prepared!

Grammarly is an app that automatically corrects your grammar and edits your writing for style and cohesion. It does all of the hard work for you – all you have to do is let the ideas flow. When you get assigned a 10-page research paper, you’ll thank me later.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

3. PocketPoints

PocketPoints is an app that keeps you off of your phone when you’re in class or at the library. Yes, it’s an app that keeps you off of your phone. I know it sounds contradicting, but you can actually earn rewards for keeping your phone locked.

You must be on campus to use PocketPoints, making it ideal for college students. Keeping your phone locked longer at university buildings will earn you rewards and discounts at your local restaurants. Free food in exchange for paying attention in class – seriously, it’s a win-win.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

4. RateMyProfessor

If you’ve never heard of RateMyProfessor, then I’m about to change your life. As you may know, a college professor can either make or break a class, and you want to make sure you’re choosing courses with the most interesting and inspiring professors.

RateMyProfessor is an app that gives you all of that information and more. You can search for your university or specific classes/professors, and read reviews from past students who took their course. RateMyProfessor will tell you the amount of work assigned in each class, the types of exams and papers you’ll have to do, and how easy a grader the professor is. 

Once you download the RateMyProfessor app, you’ll never stress about signing up for classes again.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

5. Citation Machine

If you’re still doing your essay citations by hand, then you need to get in 2019! Citation Machine is an app that takes all the work out of citing your sources. You simply copy and paste the link of your journal or article, enter some information about the authors, and voila! Your citation is complete!

Citation Machine is a lifesaver when it comes to writing college essays. University policies are usually very strict about plagiarism, and you do not want to get caught citing your sources wrong. With Citation Machine, all you’ll need to worry about is putting your insightful ideas onto paper.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

6. Amazon Prime

I’m sure you’re already addicted to Amazon (who isn’t?) but did you know that Amazon Prime is free for college students? From ordering textbooks to school supplies to red solo cups, Amazon Prime is every college student’s lifesaver. With two-day delivery, you can have everything you need at the click of a button.

If you weren’t already obsessed with Amazon, by downloading the Amazon Prime app, you’ll definitely be hooked.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

7. Mint

College students are a lot of things: eager, smart, social, and spirited. Rich, however, is not one of them. In college, it can be a challenge to manage your money on your own, especially with all of your new expenses (yes, I’m talking about drinks every weekend). 

If you need some help controlling your spending when you’re going shopping at your University Bookstore for apparel every day, then Mint is the perfect app for you. Mint connects with your bank account and allows you to make a budget and track your spending through the app. You can make categories such as food, rent, shopping, entertainment, and more!

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Mint even lets you schedule recurring payments, and sends you notifications to keep you on track. For a poor college student, Mint can provide you with financial stability and confidence.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

8. Duolingo

If you’re taking language classes at your university, then Duolingo is the perfect app to keep up with your learning and practice, practice, practice! With Duolingo, you can choose the language that you’re studying, and it will provide you with fun games and reminders to complete your tasks. Earn rewards and have fun while you improve your language skills!

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

9. CliffsNotes

When you’re in an English or literature class and you have 100+ pages of reading to do per night, it can be overwhelming to keep up and make sense of it all. Sometimes I’ll read a few pages and completely blank on the information I just read! The CliffsNotes app is the perfect reading companion and will help you comprehend the main points of your readings.

CliffsNotes provides summaries and analyses of almost every book! You just search for your reading material on the app, and you’ll find a chapter-by-chapter summary, as well as analyses of the characters, overarching themes, and symbols and motifs found throughout the literature.

Remember, CliffsNotes should guide you in your reading, not replace it. Don’t use this app as an excuse to skip over your assigned readings.

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

10. Headspace

While college is one of the most exciting and transformative times of your life, it can also be one of the most stressful. Managing your mental health and stress levels is incredibly important to maintain good grades and actually enjoy your college experience.

Headspace is an app that makes meditation super easy for beginners. It walks you through guided mindfulness practices that only take 10 minutes. Even dedicating one or two sessions a week to practice mindfulness and meditation can do wonders for a busy college student, so take advantage of Headspace and add some “om” in your life!

10 College Apps Every Student Needs To Download

What are some apps that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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