15 College Apartment Decorating Ideas You Need To Copy

For those of you looking to get the hell out of your dorms next year, it’s the season to start searching for apartments! The hunt can be stressful, tiring, and really inconvenient to your Netflix, study, and sleep schedule. However, once you get past all of that, finding an apartment to live in is totally worth it – even if the place is a total dump (which most college apartments are). If you’re not into the dumpy vibe, then you’re in luck because decor is everything when it comes to making an apartment look good. These college apartment decorating ideas will give you the inspiration that you need to take your first place to the next level!

1) If You’re Into Prints

Vintage is coming back bigger and better then ever. If your apartment isn’t brand new and has some retro feels, then vintage furniture can add character to an already old place. Don’t get me wrong, some apartments are just old . However, if your older apartment has character then emphasize on that with patterns and older furniture!

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2) Keep It Simple

Sometimes simplicity looks better then overcrowding a room. Not to mention, a simple room saves YOU money! A bedroom like this only needs a couple of items to achieve the retro simple look.

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3) Lighting Is Everything

This is definitely one of the best college apartment decorating ideas. A dimmed room can cover up all of those scratches and the gross colors of your walls. Not to mention, fairy lights are super inexpensive to buy and save electricity!

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4) If You Have A Terrace

The chances of you actually having a terrace are slim to none, but for those of you that do, this is a great look to go for! The plants cover a majority of the space while the chair and the rug make it feel right at home!

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5) Pink Is Making A Comeback

You may have heard of the term “millennial pink,” and that’s exactly what this color is. We first began to see its comeback back in 2012, and now it’s everywhere. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at first but once you warm up to it, you begin to fall in love!

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6) Accessorize With A LOT Of Plants

Plants are a great way of decorating a rather plain room, as well as bringing the outdoors in. Whether they’re hanging plants, or plants that rest on your windowsill, nature always makes a great accessory!

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7) Add Colors

It never hurts to ask your landlord if you can paint. Some will say yes, a majority will say  no, but if you can – add some color! A great way to spice up a boring kitchen is by adding an accent color to a wall, or even your cabinets!

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8) A Neat And Adult Style

Keeping your apartment neat and clean is a decor option within itself. If you find being neat is too boring, add some plants to change things up! A neat style is definitely one of the best college apartment decorating ideas!

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9) Fairy Lights, And Bar Tables

As I mentioned earlier, fairy lights are a great substitute for regular light fixtures and can completely change the look of a room! If you want to entertain, throw a bar cart in and mix things up!

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10) Maximize Storage Even With A Small Space

Let’s be honest, apartments are often cramped and have very little places to store your stuff. A ladder shelf above your bathroom’s toilet not only adds a decorative touch, but some extra storage too!

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11) Wall Art Makes A Difference

Okay, so not all apartments allow you to paint. However, there’s so many alternatives to making your apartments walls creative and interesting. One of those alternatives, is to add wall art! Grab a large poster that speaks your mind, or even add some shelving! Seriously, anything will do.

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12) Decorate With What You Already Have

If you can’t figure out what to decorate your walls with, try getting creative with items that you already have! Hanging your guitar, or leaning your surf board against your wall can make a huge difference.

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13) Thrift Shop And Incorporate Old Accessories

Thrift shopping is where you get the best steals, especially when it comes to furniture. If you like a retro look, try incorporating an old desk, chair, or light into your rooms design!

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14) Even Your Entryway Can Be A Sitting Area

If you’re apartment is a little small and your entry way happens to also be your living room, make the best of it by creating a sitting area!

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15) An Oversized Chair Changes The Game

There’s that millennial pink again! If your apartment is too small to fit a full out couch, try considering an oversized chair like the one below.  They’re extremely comfortable, and look awesome in a small space!

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What do you think of these college apartment decorating ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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