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Cold Temp Workouts? The Hottest Fitness Trend Just Got Cooler

Cold Temp Workouts? The Hottest Fitness Trend Just Got Cooler

Working out in the cold can have some surprising health benefits. See why these cold temp workouts are heating up around the country.

When you think of amazing calorie burning, heart racing, intense workouts your mind usually goes to you drenched in sweat. Be it a run on a hot day, that hot yoga class you love to take, or just getting super sweaty during your gym session, the hotter you are the more intense you feel like you worked, right? Well the newest fitness trend, cold temp workouts, has been proving that theory wrong. According to studies, the cold temperature may be more effective at burning fat then hotter temps. And you don’t need a fancy boutique studio to get those cold temp workouts in. We’ve got everything you need right here.

But, I Love My Boutique Studio

If you love the studio vibe, don’t fret one studio has you covered. Currently the only studio providing the cold temp workouts in a class setting is BRRRN, located in NYC. If you live in NYC or are visiting sometime soon you can check out a class. They have three cold temp workouts, all performed at different temperatures, 60°F, 55°F, and 45°F.  The workouts are either yoga based, core and cardio based, or a HIIT workout. If you love the studio vibe, then definitely head to the Big Apple and try at cold temp workout for yourself.

Cold Temp Workouts? The Hottest Fitness Trend Just Got Cooler

Take It Outside

If you’re not a resident of NYC, or just have no desire to pay a fee for regulated temperatures you can always just take your workout outdoors, as we are currently in the winter season. You can pretty much do any type of workout outdoors in the winter. And the great benefit to taking your fitness routine outdoors is it’s free. Most common types of exercises to perform outdoors are running and walking but you don’t need to limit your routines to those two types. Get creative and have fun with it. And most importantly get warm with your cool temp workouts.

Cold Temp Workouts? The Hottest Fitness Trend Just Got Cooler

Know When To Head Inside

While cold temp workouts are great for your health, you should keep in mind that they can also be harmful if you go out when it’s crazy cold. You need to remember to factor in the windchill when you’re looking up the temperature on your weather app. If the windchill is in the negatives, it’s best to stay indoors. You should also be wary of ice, snow, or slippery conditions when you trek out. You could fall and hurt yourself. Another thing that is important to look out for in cold temp workouts is frostbite and hypothermia. If you notice any numbness, that could be a sign of frostbite and you should definitely head inside. Any intense shivering or lack of coordination could be hypothermia and you should go straight to the emergency room.

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Cold Temp Workouts? The Hottest Fitness Trend Just Got Cooler

Get the Proper Gear

The proper workout gear is important when you head out in the cold. Light layers are essential for your cold temp workouts. You don’t want to over dress and be overly sweaty, but you don’t want to under dress and expose too much to the elements. A lot of major sporting companies love to make athletic gear suited for colder temperatures, so sacrificing your style should never be an issue. And always make sure to cover your fingers, feet, and head, this will help to keep you warm during your workout.

Cold Temp Workouts? The Hottest Fitness Trend Just Got Cooler

Now that you know the best ways to execute your cold temp workouts, get on out there! Which exercise will you take outside? Let us know in the comments below.
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