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8 Coffin Nail Looks That Are To Die For

Nails are a big part of most women’s looks.

Now, of course not everyone always cares about nails, at least not enough to get fresh drawings on them every two weeks, that much is true. But a surprisingly large amount of women actually do.

A good manicure will a) make your hands look prettier, b) make you yourself look generally more attentive to details and careful and caring of the way you look, c) make an outfit pop more, d) make you happy when you look at them.

Every season there are new trends, every year there are new ways to make new, quirky nails, which is great. Some things, however, stay similar for ages. For example the fact that the coffin nail looks are still the top choice — coffin nails make fingers look longer and more looked after.

Regardless, without much further ado, some of our favourite coffin nail looks as per purely personal choice would be:

1. The summer florals

This polish highlights beautifully how important it is in all coffin nail looks that the shape is correct — not too square, not too sharp.

These nails here scream late spring/early summer and, using fashionable colors, pop and look actually cool; instead of, how I would have expected, overused and tacky. Florals? Groundbreaking, after all.

2. The religious baroque

This is a  satisfying, almost erotically, grotesquely loud design that we see here has a lot of ornate details and religious imagery, almost looking like a painting of the Northern Renaissance.

The colours complement each other beautifully, and these nails will add something very bright and unique, but also rebellious and, maybe, slightly controversial to any potential look you’d wear.

3. The Rich Mermaid

Shiny, sparkly and kind of extremely noticeable, this design is still charmingly calm and pristine.

The combination of the different shades of blue and pearlescent details makes them look like it’s foam atop the seawave that The Little Mermaid would turn into if she’s not to kill her beloved; the gold specks remind us that she’s the Ocean Princess, with riches and glory.

And do you not want to look like the Princess of all Oceans this summer?

4. The fiery fairy

The beauty of coffin nail looks like this is the screaming simplicity. There aren’t too many details to this design, there aren’t any ornate specks or rhinestones — there’s just the drawings on the ring fingers.

But it’s not just about the relative simplicity of this look. The complete blandness of these nails, in their pale milky white colour, is a beautiful detail when you consider the bright orange fire adorning but two of them. From “bland and boring”, these nails become an inspiring blank canvas.

And that’s art.

5. Colourfull simplicity

Another relatively simple look compared to a lot of others, this one just screams “careful, will tread lightly, but will put a lot of effort into whatever they do.”

See Also

While looking simple and quick, designs like this actually take an incredible amount of time to accomplish beautifuly; the singular rhinestones by the cuticles do not take away from the simplicity of it at all, and, instead, offer more details to focus your attention on.

6. The seasonal fruit salad

It’s bright, it’s relatively simple, it’s a bit quirky, and it’s appropriate to the season. In addition, who doesn’t love themselves some fruit? Among the coffin nail looks picked out today, this one is the most befitting of any age and location — it’s just summery.

7. Are you Jell-O?

Jelly nails have been It for quite sometime now, deservedly so. Gorgeous and unusual looking, they genuinely look edible and quite delicious at that. If done correctly, they will compliment all hands and looks — and the colour of this one is so gorgeous, too!

8. The spunky and personal

This is the most childish, yet the coolest nail design at the same time.

It adds something truly rarely seen in nail art — straight up cartoons and stickers — but it does so masterfully. These nails, somehow, don’t look tacky; they look unique and make me want to meet the person that got them done because they seem like they’re fun, and we like the same things (and colours).

It’s also a wonderful way to incorporate details of things you love into your everyday looks – and believe me, you’d be surprised at how many people would comment that they love [the show you love], too.

What were your favourite designs among the ones presented? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image Source:
Tamara Chagaeva

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