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Coffee Trends You Have To Try

Coffee Trends You Have To Try

I’ve been drinking coffee since my freshman year of high school. I know others definitely have me beat in how long they have, but it’s like I totally flipped a switch. My dad drinks a cup of coffee every morning and I used to have a sip of his and hate it, totally not see what the hype is all about. Suddenly, through the magic of caramel swirl at Dunkin’, I was hooked. Here are some coffee trends that are a MUST try.

Whipped coffee

So this was literally THE coffee of quarantine 2020. But I am totally here for the hype and eight months later, I am still obsessed with it. If you don’t know, whipped coffee is 2 tablespoons of hot water, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of instant coffee. If you whip them together, it becomes a whipped texture, and you can pour it over ice cubes and your choice of milk. Man, it is SO good. 

While I am at school and don’t have my handy hand-mixer with me, I figured out the next best way to make it. I have a Blender Bottle here that I usually take with me to the gym. Turns out, the little ball inside can whip the coffee almost as good as you average hand-mixer can!


If you haven’t tried whipped coffee, you have to. I’ve even gotten creative with it. I’ve added mocha drizzle on the sides of my cup to add some more sweetness. I’ve also poured it over chocolate milk, equally as tasty. Get creative!

Coffee Trends You Have To Try

Cold brew

Yes, Charli D’Amelio did make this one pretty famous with The Charli at Dunkin’, which is just cold brew coffee, caramel swirl, and whole milk. Talk about a stomach ache? Yes. Delicious? ….also yes. You definitely do not need to drink it with all the added sugar of a flavor swirl, but cold brew is great for those who want an extra kick. It’s got a smooth taste and is actually less acidic than than hot brewed coffee. 67% less acidic! It’s more flavorful and less bitter than your typical coffee, making it much easier to drink for most. 


Coffee subscriptions

This concept is pretty new to me, but I love this idea. There are actually businesses out there that match you based on your coffee preferences with roasts and blends across the country that you might enjoy! Just imagine getting a package every month (which, this along is exciting enough) filled with different coffees for you to try! You don’t even need to leave your house to discover the newest and best coffee out there. You can also opt for coffee in different ways. If you use a Keurig, you can get just K Cups! Or, you can get grounds, or beans to roast on your own! So many ways you can make this your own, and the best is, it’s different every month, so you’re always able to try something new!

Coffee Trends You Have To Try

Alternative milks

Growing up, I was a 2% milk gal, and it wasn’t really until college that I was bold enough to branch out. In my coffee, I just always had cream. Then, one day, I wanted to be a bit fancy and add almond milk. Let me tell you, do not let the fact that it is extra money for your coffee steer you away. It is 100% worth it. And, I recently discovered, so is oat milk! These cream and milk alternatives in your coffee just make it so much better. I think they’re healthier? Right? I mean, they sure sound it and at least make it feel healthier (which, let’s be real, is all that matters).  Plus, especially with oat milk, I think it just makes your coffee taste so much smoother. I will admit, I don’t think almond milk and oat milk are that great in coffee. Some people still prefer it, but that is just my preference, so be wary of that. But in a cup of iced coffee, oh yeah, these coffee trends sure do hit the spot. 

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Sweet cream cold foam

You’ve definitely seen people ordering this at Starbucks on TikTok. Happy to report that this coffee trend definitely is worth all of the hype! Maybe I like it because it’s similar to the whipped coffee, where it kinda just sits on top of the coffee and does it’s thing to make it taste good. Well, it sure does do a good job! Coming in different flavors including caramel and vanilla, this stuff is delicious. They like to put it on top of their cold brew, and when you have the combination of cold brew and the sweet cream cold foam, it makes your coffee silky and smooth like you wouldn’t believe. I definitely recommend you give it a try.

Coffee Trends You Have To Try


Decaf coffee

Okay, you might be thinking that this is super unlike the other coffee trends I have mentioned. But I just think it really deserved an honorable mention here! Decaf coffee is nice because you can drink it any time of the day, and not have to worry about it keeping you up at night. I also know there are some health conditions that can bar some people from being able to drink caffeine, so this is your perfect alternative! Or, maybe you already got your coffee for the day, but you’re still really thirsty and want another. Decaf is your friend, and I’m tired of the decaf shame!

It’s also great because it’s so versatile. You don’t have to worry about caffeine mixing with whatever else you may add to it, or how it may interact with what else you drink (like, alcohol). So order that cup of decaf! Nobody will judge you! Maybe you’ve hit your caffeine max! That’s okay!

What are you going to be picking up on your next coffee run? Or will you opt for making something at home? Or even having the coffee come to your front door? Let us know!

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