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5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks

5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks

When it comes to visiting a coffee shop, Starbucks is likely to be the first and if not only place that comes to mind. There’s nothing wrong with Starbucks per say but often times locals may prefer coffee shops (and other places in general)  that aren’t so commercialized.

With a local coffee shop, you often get better prices and much more drink options, as well as daily specials. The coffee, as well as the food items, is usually much fresher than Starbucks, and likely won’t give you a breakfast panini from the microwave…

Locals know that the City of Miami is so much more than our beaches, we have plenty of areas to go that are more localized, especially when it comes to coffee shops.  Here are 5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks!

Roasting Buddies

This coffee shop in Pembroke Pines is known for its amazing coffee and laid-back atmosphere. It’s not like Starbucks, where people are typically in a rush. A lot of drinks are very big and sort of “comforting” as well as the food choices that kind of make you feel like you just want to sit and stay there a bit longer.

This place is a great area to study and offers fast speed Wifi. There is plenty of room to study at, so go ahead and just pick a table. I recommend waiting until about noon to visit if you are looking for some peace and quiet because it can become quite hectic before then.

Common drinks at Roasting Buddies include espressos, americanos,  cappuccinos, as well as signature drinks such as The Chocolate Attack, Cheese Cake, Love In A Jar, or Chai Latte, and well as different kinds of frappes.

You also can’t beat the amazing omelets and other breakfast items they sell, such as the Italian Brios, or Turkey Sandwich. It’s made in the restaurant and not thrown in the microwave, unlike some “other” places…

5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks

The Alchemist

This cafe is located in North Miami Beach and another in Wilton Manors. This place is known for its excellent service almost more than its delicious and healthy food. 

Customers often give rave reviews about the amazing customer service and helpful staff, so you are sure to walk into a warm and friendly environment.

 This place also has a very diverse menu of items such as different types of slicers, croissants or English Muffin sandwiches, Waffle of the Day, the Chef Breakfast, salads, pizzas and more. I personally recommend ordering the “Chef’s Breakfast”, the avocado and pico del gallo is both flavorful as well as enchanting! 

You also have the option to relax at the outdoor seating area and have a glass of wine…but maybe save it that for the afternoon…

5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks

 Wells Coffee Company 

This Fort Lauderdale Coffee shop has coffee for those of you who might not even be heavy coffee drinkers. With flavors like Cinna-Swirl, White Chocolate Macadamia, and Classic Black Coffee- Guatemalan flavor. 

This place has a quiet atmosphere, I might recommend this place for either college students who have a big exam coming up or for those who work remotely.

If you’re not in the mood to just casually just sit and are in a bit of a rush, you have the option to go through the drive-through, and sometimes employees walk up to your car to take your order.

Try the breakfast items like the Kentucky Red or Avocado Toast. I personally prefer the lunch sandwiches like the Chipotle Turkey Sandwich. I also recommend trying out their yummy pastries and biscuit sandwiches.

The staff is known for it’s cheerful and friendly service from asking about certain options on the menu as well as food choices. I personally like to go there to get a flavored vanilla latte, with the taste and temperature that is always made to perfection.

5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks

Vice City Bean

This coffee shop is a great place to get a good iced coffee. Vice City Bean is known for its great-tasting quality coffee. They have your typical cappuccinos and latte options, as well as specials like Nitro Coffee and Kombucha Tea.

Quite a few of those who aren’t even big coffee drinkers come here for their great-tasting lattes and cappuccinos. So if you’re like me and are more of a coffee “taster” than a drinker, then head down by North Miami and try a cup…maybe several…

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Vice City Bean is another good place to relax and get work done, and best of all, their Wifi doesn’t even require a password. Although the place is a little small, it’s roomy enough where you won’t feel congested even when it’s a little packed. 

Go ahead and try out some items from their merch station like a Vice City T-Shirt or a hat, it will definitely have people asking what Vice City is.

5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks

Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

If you want something above and beyond a normal Starbucks latte, then look no further than Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse! This Miami cafe has a wide variety of selections on its menu.

Common drinks include the  Espresso Macchiato or the American Pour-Over. Lattes, as well as the original Cuban Cuban coffee calls for a great “pick-me-up”!

The Lattes are absolutely to die for! Try the Chocolate Campfire S’mores, the sweet-smelling Lavender Latte, the Mint Chocolate Chip with a bit of sweet dark chocolate, or the Creme Brulee Latte. It’s also worth mentioning that this place has non-dairy options like coconut and almond milk.

They also have teas like the Tropical Raspberry, Smoke Jade Green Tea, and Peach Sunrise.

Brewing Buddha has cool and healthy food items that include Vegan Mediterranean, Avocado, or Nutella Toast; Serrano Ham Sandwich; as well as the Ham and Cheese Bagel.

Sit inside and admire the original artwork that is hung and changed periodically, as well as the great music in the open sitting areas!

5 Coffee Shops In South Florida Other Than Starbucks

What type of coffee shop do you like more, Starbucks or a local one? Comment below and share, as well as name some local coffee shops in your area that you like to go to. 

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