Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

Fort Collins is known for so much, the outdoors, fun old town, great breweries but also the coffee shops. Being a college town we know how to keep our population going at all hours in the night. So if you are looking for a cup of java (how fun is that to say) here is out Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins.


Bindle is a fairly new (I say new because it hasn’t been around for longer than 10 years) coffee shop. In the Jessup farm compound it is a cute barn like coffee shop that locals love to go to on the weekends. After you are done getting coffee you can look at the shops or just chill in that area. It is for sure worth the drive out to it.

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

2. Mugs

As coffee shops go Mugs is a great establishment. On the college/old town strip it is a perfect place to grab a cup when you are about to go look at the lights in the winter or catch a nice brezze in the summer. It has a patio and a downstairs area, reasonably priced coffee, a great location, so what could be better?

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

3.Alley Cat

If you are in college and have not been to the Alley Cat then you are missing out. It is open 24hours a day, which is really rare in Fort Collins. It has a cooky atmosphere and is literally on top of a building in an alley. It feels like a big city experience every time you go there. Try it out and see if you love it just as much.

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

4.Everyday Joes

Run by volunteers Everyday joes has a homey feel that makes everyone feel welcome. It has great coffee and a warm atmosphere. Not always open because it is a church and a wedding venue at times, everyday joes is worth trying out as one of the best coffee shops in Fort Collins.

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

5.The Bean Cycle

The Bean Cycle used to be a lot cooler with its bookstore and coffee shop vibes. Yet it is still a top coffee shop in Fort Collins because of its new look and great coffee. We go to coffee shops for the coffee any way not the books right?

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

6.The Crooked Cup

One thing I can say for this northern colorado coffee shop is that the coffee is always made perfect and they have killer breakfast sandwiches. Try there special or have the baristas make one of their concoctions. Either way you will not be disappointed from trying out The Crooked Cup.

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

7. Harbinger

This is a slick coffee shop. It only has a couple things on the menu with great staff and a killer cup of Joe. I am not joking you do not need anything fancy at this place with how well each cup is made. IF you do not believe me try it for yourself and see why so many people love this place.

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

8.Wild Boar

Wild Boar is a Fort Collins institution with a great atmosphere, close to the old Fort Collins High School building that is now CSU’s performing arts building. Great for a date, good coffee, like previously stated a great atmosphere and feels like you are back at home especially around winter time.

Top 8 Coffee Shops In Fort Collins

No matter what type of coffee you are into, Fort Collins has a great coffee shop for you. So grab you headphones and laptop and give one of these top destinations a try.

Have you tried any of these coffee shops in Fort Collins? Leave us a comment below which one is your favorite!

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