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Coconut Oil Replaced All Of My Beauty Products For A Day And This Is What Happened

Coconut Oil Replaced All Of My Beauty Products For A Day And This Is What Happened

The internet claims coconut oil as a miracle worker in all things beauty, but what really happens when we replace our beauty products with this magical stuff?

Coconut oil has been said to have amazing health and beauty qualities to it. Many go as far as calling it the miracle oil. I challenged myself to replace all my beauty products for a day with this stuff. Keep reading to see how it went.

Coconut oil replaced not make-up but my usual beauty routine consisting of a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. I have normally pretty oily skin so this challenge already sounds like its going to be a mess for me but we’ll see how it goes. I heard that putting oil on oily skin balances it out and, ironically, makes it less oily than before. I’m thinking fat chance, but hopefully, I’ll be surprised. The brand I used is called Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and this I just picked up at Costco. Nothing special.

Coconut Oil Replaced All Of My Beauty Products For A Day And This Is What Happened

If you do try this challenge I know there are probably different qualities out there, so I would maybe do some research. Like I said though, this one was random and definitely not top notch. However, I do know that you want to use virgin oil (unprocessed), as it is better and purer for your skin. I paid $12.99 for a huge tub that would probably last me a couple months. Definitely a bang for your buck. Morning Update

First things first in the morning, I usually wash my face right away. I have a specific, gentle foaming citrus cleanser the wash away the night’s buildup and help wake me up. I already anticipated myself missing this, but I tried to stay optimistic because, hey, it’s only for a day. I usually then go in with an SPF-moisturizer and then apply any make up i’ll wear for the day. I opened my tub of coconut oil and start spreading it over my face. Woah, already I put way too much, my skin feels so, so oily. Breath, I told myself, breath.

Taking a damp washcloth, I wiped my face free of the coconut oil. It was already better. Most of the oil comes off and leaves behind only a thin layer. I’m definitely going to skip moisturizer today, I thought. I can live with this.

Coconut oil replaced all my beauty products for a day and this is what happened.

Midday Update

After my morning wash with the coconut oil, I applied my usual daily make up, skipping my primer because I thought it would all be too much buildup on my skin. Surprisingly, my make up went on incredibly smoothly. Pleasantly surprised, I find my makeup looked better than usual- a smoother finish and I completely forgot I didn’t use a primer. The coconut oil is totally a great replacement for it. I could see it being a great substitute, especially for those with drier skin as they have less risk of getting too oily.

Speaking of getting too oily, against my previous beliefs, my skin was fine! It seemed that the coconut oil wash I applied this morning was absorbed by my skin in just the right amount. The extra hydration had apparently stopped my skin from over-producing too much natural oil, making my skin a great texture. Not going to lie, I was totally amazed. Having been skeptical before about the oil balancing myth, I was pleasantly proven wrong. Noted.

Coconut Oil Replaced All Of My Beauty Products For A Day And This Is What Happened

Night Update

That night, right before taking my makeup off I did a quick review of how my face was looking. My makeup was still mostly on (the coconut oil seems to have stopped it from oxidizing the usual amount, which was great). However, my nightly skin routine is more detailed than my morning one, so I was dreading having to take my makeup off with only coconut oil.

Only to be, once again, surprised by how well it the coconut oil worked as a make-up remover. I could’ve used only my finger and the oil to take off my makeup, that’s how easy it came off. One swipe of the oil and tissue I was using and all my mascara on one eye came off, instantly. The same thing happened with the rest of my face. All off, right away.

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Now, after this step, I usually use a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. The coconut oil was going to have to pick up the slack with all these steps. Let’s go.

After wiping off my makeup, I put a new layer of oil over my face, as I would with a cleanser and went to work. I worked the oil into my skin like this morning and then wiped it off with a cloth. Worked beautifully. Skipping the toner step I decided to put another layer over my face as a moisturizer. I was only going to bed and didn’t care about looking too greasy, thinking I might as hydrate my skin as much as I can.

Coconut Oil Replaced All Of My Beauty Products For A Day And This Is What Happened

Next Morning Update

Waking up the next morning, I’d never seen my skin so luminous! My face had gotten mega-hydrated overnight and it was obvious. God bless coconut oil. Overall, this challenge worked out fine for me. I definitely wouldn’t constantly replace my beauty products forever with coconut oil (I do really miss my toner still), but I will definitely be incorporating coconut oil into my daily beauty routine (goodbye makeup remover and moisturizer!). I urge you to try this challenge and see how it works out for your skin. You might be saving a few bucks on normal beauty products very soon.

Coconut Oil Replaced All Of My Beauty Products For A Day And This Is What Happened

Would you ever try this coconut oil challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

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