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7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

Fireworks aren’t going to be the only thing lit this Fourth of July. Forget those lukewarm beers, you need a red, white, and boozy cocktail ASAP. Need a little cocktail inspo to celebrate the day we got our independence? Here’s 7 delicious cocktails to help get the party started this Fourth of July.

Gin Lemonade

Lemonade is a quintessential drink during summertime. You probably didn’t need one, but here’s the boozy excuse to serve it at your Fourth of July bash! This drink keeps it simple and easy. All you need are four ingredients: Gin, triple sec, freshly squeezed lemonade, and spiked seltzer. Pour over ice and enjoy your adult version of a summer classic. Your friends will love the throwback to their childhoods while enjoying the boozy kick this drink offers. 7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

Firecracker Daiquiri

With a name like that, you know this drink will get the party started. This is another easy drink to put together. Grab the rum, frozen strawberries, and lemon-flavored sparkling soda. Blend until smooth and add a generous squeeze of a lemon. Garnish with fresh lemons and strawberries. The strawberries turn this drink into the perfect shade of red for a bash like yours.

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

Rocket Jello Shots

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a exactly a “cocktail”, but what’s a party without jello shots? Bring a little patriotism to this party fave. A snack and a drink? How’d we get so lucky? Grab those cherry Jell-O, blueberry Jell-o, and gelatin packs! And don’t dare forget vodka. Create your boozy jello mixtures. Pour them into cups in layers of red, white, and blue. Voila! You have a Fourth of July snack that everyone will be impressed by!

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

Blueberry Mojito

HANDS UP EMOJI FOR MOJITOS. It’s summertime and all the best fruits are in season so blueberries are a must at your Fourth of July bash! Muddle up some blueberries and lemon in a shaker. Pour in some vodka and simple syrup and shake that baby up! Serve over ice and garnish with a few blueberries and sprigs of mint to really add to the aesthetic of the holiday.

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

Watermelon Gin

What’s a Fourth of July Party without watermelon? Not a party I would want to go to. Like the gin lemonade, here’s an adult twist to everyone’s favorite summer break snack. Muddle up a few pieces of watermelon. Shake it up with dry gin, some freshly squeezed lemon juice, and simply syrup and pour. If you’re feeling fancy, freeze up cubes of watermelon beforehand. Throw them into a blender with the gin, lemon juice, and simply syrup for a frozen version of this drink.

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

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Strawberry Moscow Mule

If you have a few copper mugs laying around, grab them now! This drink will put them to good use for that Fourth of July bash. Pour in vodka, lime juice, and ice. Top it with ginger beer and — here’s my favorite part — strawberry sorbet! You can use the fresh stuff to garnish, but the sorbet adds a little excitement to the drink. Think of it like a root beer float, but way more patriotic and way more fun.

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

Red, White, And Boozy

Get ready to flex on Instagram with this one — here’s the drink your followers will be asking about. In a glass filled with ice, pour in a splash of grenadine. Gently pour in Bacardi Razz Rum, then lemonade, then Blue Curacao. The three different layers gives this drink all the patriotic vibes and gives you so much party cred with your friends. This drink is a doozy so make sure you’re drinking responsibly!

7 Cocktails To Enjoy During Fourth of July

What’s your go-to cocktail on this holiday?

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