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10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

Cocktails at a girls’ night is a classic tradition that is perfect for a night in with your friends, or before you, all go out. If you want to get more creative than a typical wine night, here are 10 cocktails for a girls’ night that everyone will love.

1. French 75

A french 75 is a great classic cocktail to make for a fun light mixed drink. A blend of sparkling wine, gin or vodka, and lemon, it is a great bubbly drink to have with your friends. This is a great mixed drink to make if you love sparkling wine, but want something different, and you can add hard alcohol for a stronger drink. A French 75 is a classic mixed drink that is not too sweet and is great if you love a glass of sparkling wine. Perfect for a summer night, this is a great bubbly drink to have with your friends.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

2. Strawberry Margarita

If you love a margarita, this is a great drink to try. Strawberry Margaritas are really sweet and great if you want to try something different than a classic lime. This blended tequila drink mixed with strawberry flavor is perfect for a girls’ night. These are another perfect summer drink for you and your friends. Margaritas are the ultimate drink to help you cool off on a hot day, and a sweet strawberry flavor is great. If you want a fun pink drink that is refreshing, a Strawberry Margarita is a great choice.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

3. Sangria

Sangria is a classic drink that is great for a dinner party or a fun night with friends. Sangria mixes wine, fruit, and hard alcohol of your choice for a fun mixed drink that is perfect if you are looking for something with less hard alcohol. There are so many variations of Sangria, if you are the type of person that likes to experiment with different recipes or your own creations, sangria is your go-to. You can add the alcohol and fruit of your choice, to come up with your perfect cocktail.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

4. Aperol Spritz

This drink combines Prosecco, with Aperol, club soda, and an orange slice. Aperol is fruity without being too sweet and is a fun refreshing drink to make. If you love anything bubbly, and Aperol spritz is a great cocktail for a girls’ night. This is a great bubbly drink that is n0t too sweet if you want something different than a typically sugary cocktail. Aperol is an orange liquor, so you have a fairly strong drink, without a super bitter taste. This is a really great refreshing cocktail with a fresh orange flavor, that everyone will enjoy.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

5. Peach Bellini

If you love peaches, this is the cocktail for you. A Peach Bellini is a mix of a peach puree with a Prosecco or champaign of your choice. A Peach Bellini is the ultimate sweet and bubbly cocktail to make with your friends. Another summer classic, this is perfect if you want something super sweet and light. If you also don’t want hard alcohol but want something a little different than just wine, a Peach Bellini is a fun sweet cocktail.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

6. Bees Knee’s

This is a classic cocktail that is great for anyone who loves history. Popular in the 1920s the Bee’s Knees is a mix of gin, honey, and lemon. This is a really simple drink to make and is a classic cocktail that everyone will like. If you want something sweet, but not super sugary, this is a great drink and is really refreshing and fun to make. It is also a great conversation starter because of its historical name.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

7. Moscow Mules

Moscow mules are a beloved favorite for a reason. A mix of vodka, lime, and ginger beer, this is a classic refreshing drink that is great to have at a girls night. A Moscow Mule is great if you want something refreshing and classic for a summer night. If you want a break from all the sweet cocktails, this is a great easy cocktail to make.

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10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

8. Espresso Martini

If you are a coffee lover, this is the cocktail for you. An espresso martini is a fun twist on a classic drink that would be great for a girls’ night. If you want something really creative and different, this is a great cocktail for you. An espresso martini has a strong espresso flavor, so if you don’t want something sweet or fruity, but don’t want a strong alcohol taste, you will love this one. This is a great cocktail for the fall or winter and is definitely unique.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

9. Vodka Watermelon Punch

Another fruity classic, watermelon punch is great for a summer party or a big group of friends. Watermelon vodka punch is another sweet cocktail that everyone loves in the summer and is perfect for making in large quantities. If you want to get really festive, you can carve out a watermelon and serve the punch inside, and garnish it with some fresh mint leaves. Everyone loves a classic punch, and this is a sweet fruity cocktail that will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

10 Cocktails For A Girls Night

10. Bloody Mary

This iconic cocktail is a great drink to have for a girls’ night. The surprising combination of vodka, tomato vegetable juice, and a celery stock has an almost cult following. This is a cocktail everyone should try once, purely because it is such an odd combination that somehow works. If you want a break from the sweet and bubbly drinks, a Bloody Mary is a great cocktail. The vegetable juice cuts the burn and strength of the vodka, and with some salt has a savory and fresh taste. This is also a drink you won’t feel guilty about because you can at least get some vegetables in your diet at the same time.

Cocktails are a great part of a fun girls’ night. What are some of your favorite cocktail recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

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