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Coachella Nail Art Looks You Have To Try This Year

Coachella Nail Art Looks You Have To Try This Year

Coachella nail art trends are here! If you are in need of some fresh nail art inspiration, the Coachella 2020 nail art looks are the best place to start. Whether looking for something bold and edgy or something more refined, Coachella nail art has it all. Here is a list of some popular Coachella 2020 nail art looks to help inspire you for your next salon visit!

Rhinestones Nail Art

If you want to add some sparkle into your life, why not start with your nails? One big nail art trend this year is adding rhinestones to your nail art designs. Whatever design you choose, whether it be a simple coat or a rainbow of color, adding rhinestones to it will take your nails to the next level.

Rhinestones can be incorporated sparingly, adding one or two per nail, or you can go all out with it and load your nails up with these fun glitzy accents. The design possibilities are endless. Have a design in mind or let your nail artist come up with something unique. Either way, following this 2020 nail art trend will make you feel extra special.


Nails with Butterflies

This nail art trend is huge this year. Maybe it’s the light and care-free feeling butterflies evoke, or perhaps we just like butterflies. Whatever the reason, these tiny beautiful insects are showing up in all kinds of Coachella 2020 nail art designs.

Get these dainty creatures on your nails and let them guide you to new levels in your life. You can get one nail with a few butterflies or get your hands full of them and be completely trendy either way with this whimsical nail art trend. The butterflies can be any color, or even be devoid of color, sharply and beautifully contrasting with whatever nail color you choose.

Artistic Expression Coachella Nail Art

Who said nails need to be uniform? Your nails are blank canvasses and you have the freedom to do whatever nail art you choose on them. This Coachella 2020 nail art trend is a true expression of self, allowing you to have each nail be whatever you wish.


To keep this 2020 nail art inspiration looking good and not too out there, try picking a color pallet to follow. You could use different shades of blush, another 2020 nail art trend, and have each nail be uniquely designed. The decision is yours, and you know what you like. Fearlessly go for it, and own your nail art.

Golden Shimmer Nails

Another Coachella 2020 nail art look that took everyone by storm is adding gold shimmer to your nails. This can make any nail color pop even more because of the stunning shimmer it adds. Whether using a lot or a little, adding golden shimmer to your nails will make your nail art be the envy of your circle.

If you choose to incorporate this nail art look into your life, make sure your base color goes well with gold. Combining white with gold is another hot Coachella 2020 nail art trend this year, so consider these two colors for your nail appointment. You can go heavy or light with the gold shimmer, and you can change up how much is on each nail. Plan it out and it will be gorgeous.


Clear Nails

This nail art is not something you typically think of when you want to get your nails done, but it a smash hit Coachella 2020 nail art look. Usually paired with painted nails, but not always, these clear nails have subtle designs on them, so they are not just clear. These clear nails can be paired with any color and suit any style, so they are a great choice for your nail art adventures.

Be completely trendy with this unique and out-of-the-box nail art look. You can put glitter, rhinestones, or designs of any color on them, or do something completely your own. Because these nails are clear, you can see your natural nail through them, so make sure your natural nails are fabulous.

Neon Nails

Neon is very in right now, and so are neon nails! This nail art is a fun Coachella 2020 nail trend that lets you be fun and funky. And why stick to just one neon? This nail art look allows you to incorporate as many or as few neon shades as you wish.


Neon is fun, so have fun with this nail art. Include other nail art techniques like ombre patterns, either on each nail or across all of your nails, to take this 2020 nail art beyond just painted nails. Or, stick to one neon and add a rhinestone or two to be completely in fashion this year.

Nails with Palm Trees

Palm trees and sunsets are one hot Coachella 2020 nail art look you do not want to overlook. No matter where you live, this nail art will put you at ease at a glance, causing you to dream of warm breezes and waves lapping at beaches. This nail art is beautiful and balmy, perfect to make 2020 grand.

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Pair this nail art with warm or cool colors, as the palm trees are a silhouette against your nails. Decorate one, several, or all of your nails with this nail art and enjoy the attention they get and the feelings they give you. Try not to pair other patterns with this trend, though, because it can be overbearing.

Matte Nails

Matte nails are nothing new, but they are one Coachella 2020 nail art look that a lot of people are choosing. This look is very versatile, as any color can be matte, so the nail art possibilities are vast. They can match anything and can go in a lot of different directions, but the matte polish makes a statement in itself, showing you like modern and trendy nail art.

This nail art look can say a lot of things, so think about what you want to portray before getting your nails done. Whether getting solid matte nails or creating designs that are part matte and part shine, your nails will look extravagant and timeless. Think of matte polish as a regular color pop, if you are having trouble designing your nail art dream.


Black Light Nails

Yes. Blacklight nails are a Coachella 2020 nail art look that seems futuristic. Out of the light, they look nice, but under the light, they glow ethereal colors. If you find yourself under black light on certain party occasions, you need these nails.

They do make specific nail polishes for this nail trend. Your nails can be any color you want, as long as you use the blacklight glow polish when you get your nails painted. This means you can paint designs with regular polish over them and see the negative of the design under the black light. It sounds like quite a nail art party trick.

Rainbow Coachella Nail Art

Whether having nails that are rainbow colors or have actual rainbows painted on them, this 2020 Coachella nail art trend is vibrantly playful. It is very liberating and spirit-lifting, having a slew of colors on your nails to always perk up your mood. They go with everything, so there is no need to worry about this nail art cramping your style.


For this nail art look, there are a few options. You can go bold and have each nail a different color, or you can paint tiny rainbows on a few or all of your nails. If you choose to paint rainbows on your nails, you can pair this with other emotionally uplifting images, like smiley faces or flowers.

Which Coachella nail art looks are you the most excited to try? Are their other Coachella 2020 nail art looks you like that did not make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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