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5 Quick Tips for Coachella Fashion

5 Quick Tips for Coachella Fashion


For those of you lucky enough to heading out to Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, you should be getting ready for an amazing lineup that includes the Calvin Harris, Guns N’ Roses and LCD Soundsystem. You should also be getting ready your festival attire because Coachella fashion is one of the most important parts of the event! Coachella fashion is about being comfortable so you can dance for hours, being stylish (because where else can you rock a feather headdress in public?!), and most of all having fun with all your friends and the bands you love. It’s a great time to showcase your street style so there are no rules-but we’ll give you a couple quick Coachella fashion tips!

1. Wear comfortable shoes.

Like boots – they will get dirty but it’ll just add a worn and vintage look to them!

2. Dress in clothes you can really dance in.

For something comfortable, but still screams Coachella fashion; try something simple like cutoff shorts and a bodysuit (no more having to adjust a tucked-in top), or crazy printed leggings and a bandeau or crop top. You can pull on loose fitting clothes like tunics and flowy tops and dresses to beat the heat.


3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Throw on your floral headpiece and round up all your bangles, leather cuff bracelets, and rings you can find and pile them on! You’ll be carrying your bag around all day so make it convenient – like a cross body or slouchy boho backback.

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4. Avoid heavy makeup.

When it comes to Coachella fashion, let your outfit speak for itself. If you cover your face in tons of makeup, I can almost guarantee it will be dripping off a few minutes into your first show. Besides, what’s more bohemian chic than a fresh face?


5. Bring a sweatshirt.

Better safe than sorry. Some weekends Coachella valley can get extremely cold during the middle of the night. If you’re camping, don’t forget a sweatshirt and maybe some long sweatpants just in case – you never know what the crazy desert weather will decide to turn on you!
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