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18 Coachella Makeup Ideas That You’ll Be Obsessed With

Coachella makeup ideas are so important when prepping for the festival. If you’re still trying to figure out the perfect makeup look to wear to Coachella, we’ve got you covered. Between these eighteen different Coachella approved makeup looks, you’re bound to find something to wear to the festival (and possibly after!).

1. Neon Eye Shadow, Natural Lip Gloss, Rhinestones

This is a fairly simple look to achieve if you don’t want to spend hours in front of a mirror. All it takes is some neon eye shadow of your choice (the orange pictured below works great for just about any skin tone), a bit of eyeliner and mascara along the top, concealer that matches your skin tone (or one that adds a golden glow), and some natural lip gloss to bring a shine to your lips. Flourish your look with a few rhinestones (the pattern below is easy enough to follow) and viola!

2. Black And White Tribal

Perfect for darker skin tones, this is another look you don’t have to spend hours to achieve (although it does require you to have an eye for symmetry to get the patterns on both sides to match up). You can use white and black liquid eyeliner or good-quality face paint to copy the pattern below. Finish the look with some gold accents to contour those cheekbones.

3. Silver And Gold Starburst

For those who want to follow their regular makeup routine and just add a bit of flourish, this look requires you to only step up your game on your eye makeup. Pick silver or gold-toned eye shadow (preferably with some shine to it) and go heavier than usual on the eyeliner and mascara. Next, you’re going to apply silver and gold glitter makeup around your brows and temples (see below) and finish the look off with some stick-on stars (we recommend you buy the cosmetic kind because actual stickers will fall off).

4. Gold And Blue Accented Cat Eyes, Gold Concealer

If you dig the Princess Jasmine-inspired vibe for your Coachella look, give these gold-and-aqua Egyptian-style cat eyes a try. Sweep your eyeliner out to the corners of your eyes, top your lids with shimmery gold eye shadow, and accent under your eyes with light blue or aqua eyeliner. Copy the design below with white eyeliner or face paint and make sure you bronze for that summer glow look!

5. Dark Galaxy: Rainbow Eye Shadow, Boho Face Paint, Glitter Brows

For those more inclined toward darker makeup, we recommend you try this dark galaxy boho look. You’ll need dark pink, purple, and green eye shadow to sweep around your eyes in the design pictured below, some shimmery silver or white eye shadow to accent your lids, white face paint or eyeliner to copy the boho designs, and glitter makeup for your brows. Finish the look with some dark berry lipstick and you’re on your way to looking like a queen of darkness.

6. White Fairy Rhinestones And Face Paint

This look doesn’t require much outside of your usual makeup routine, but it does require a steady hand to copy the design below. Use white face paint or eyeliner, let it dry, then attach a few cosmetic rhinestones to accent the design. Use natural pinks and peaches for your eyes and lips to contribute to the sweet fairy look. This is one of the best Coachella makeup ideas!

7. Pink And Red Eye Shadow And Glitter

Break out your reds, browns, and bronze for this look: you’ll need dark red glitter eye shadow for your lids and matching glitter makeup to follow the pattern below. Keep the rest of your makeup dark natural tones to accentuate the look.

8. Pink And Purple Bubblegum Boho

This look isn’t just for those with pink hair (although it certainly adds something to it). Get this cute pink boho look with white, light purple, and natural pink eye shadow to match the eye makeup below and top it with frosted pink lipstick and glitter confetti makeup.

9. Gold Eye Shadow, White Tribal Paint, Pink Gloss

Once again, grab that white eyeliner or face paint and keep your hand steady as you recapture the design below. Just make sure you’ve already applied the rest of your makeup: the dark blush, gold glitter eye shadow complimented by sweeping dark brown or black eye shadow, and frosted pink lip gloss.

10. Dark Sunset Eye Shadow, White Accents, Natural Gloss

We’re getting closer to advanced territory with this dark sunset look, so be prepared to wipe and restart as you copy this eye shadow. You’ll need a dark pink and purple, orange, and white eye shadow and a good blending technique to carefully fade the sunset together. Finish with dark blush and clear or pink gloss and you’re all (sun)set!

11. Orange And Aqua Nebula Eye Shadow, Blue Glitter Accents

Slightly less advanced but still detailed, this look will require orange, white, and aqua eye shadows, a lot of black eyeliner, and frosted pink lipstick. Don’t forget the blue glitter to accent the eye shadow on the bottom!

12. Natural Gold And Brown

This is a very natural, no-makeup look that can be achieved with a lot of bronze, brown eye shadows, and a natural shade of gloss. Feel free to play around with shading until you find something that matches your skin tone, but the end result should be a natural summer glow.

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13. Sweeping Cat Eye, Blue Lip Gloss, Gold Glitter

To get this cool dark tribal look, you’ll need to step up the Egyptian cat eye with some dark purple eye shadow and peach eyeliner. Next, you’ll want to outline your moon and dots design with black eyeliner and fill it in with blue and purple eyeliner or face paint. Paint your lips with blue lip gloss, outline the center bottom lip, and paint it in with pale pink lip gloss. Add some gold body glitter for optional flair.

14. Starry Night

This is another easy-enough look to achieve if you have shimmery bronze eye shadow and some brown eye shadow to accent it. Brush your cheekbones with dark blush and add some star stickers around your brow and temples for a cute starry night look!

15. Sweeping Green Eye Shadow, Teal Lipstick

More of a nature-inspired, eco-friendly look, this makeup requires shimmery white-gold eye shadow to accent the two different shades of green sweeping out from your eyes. Complete the look with dark teal lipstick and feel free to go with your usual makeup routine for the rest.

16. White Eye Shadow, Dark Berry Lipstick, Rhinestones

We’re back to the less advanced makeup routines for this simple but elegant pink rhinestone look. Use shimmery white eye shadow brought out by a thick sweep of black eyeliner and mascara, then finish with some dark berry lipstick and rhinestones (which you can wear in the pattern shown below or freestyle your own design).

17. Sweeping Cat Eye, Neon Pink Eye Shadow, Trailing Gold Glitter

You’ll need to up your cat-eye game with this thick, sweeping eyeliner look. Follow up with some light purple eye shadow that fades into neon pink and add trailing gold body glitter underneath your eyes. Use the same body glitter to create the forehead design and finish off with pink lipstick.

18. Black, Gold, And Silver Elegant

This elegant bohemian look draws on all three classy colors—black, gold, and silver—to create something that might have belonged in the 1920s. Use white-gold eye shadow on your lids and around the corners of your eyes, black or dark brown shadow underneath your eyes, and decorate the corners with gold body glitter. Highlight your cheekbones with dark blush underneath and gold on top, apply some natural gloss and add these cute body stickers (or something similar) along your brows. This is one of our favorite Coachella makeup ideas!

Did you try any of these Coachella makeup ideas? Tell us about it in the comments or share your pics and tag Society19!

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Jordan Duncan

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