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Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

Clubs, Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

College is a great time to figure out exactly who you are, what you want in a career and the last time to do almost anything you want with your free time. One of the great things that college offers you is the ability to join a club or organization separate from school related activities and classes, and that broadens your horizon of learning outside of your major. Joining an outside club or organization also helps you meet people that share similar interests to you and helps you explore different sides of your personality. Read on to learn about the many benefits of joining a club or organization in college and what is the best one to join based on your interests. 

If You Are Into Fashion…

Join a club on your campus that lets you express this part of yourself. Many colleges have student run fashion magazines that involve everything that a regular high end fashion magazine would have during production from photographers to models to layout and creative design people. If this is a field you are interested in looking into, joining an organization like this may give you a leg up when looking for a position at a fashion magazine. Many colleges also have retail studies organizations that will introduce students to the world of retail and fashion and help them learn about the business side of things by going on field trips to department stores or having meetings with industry professionals. Similarly, many campuses host fashion shows that feature students’ work, which is something else to be involved in if you are interested in designing clothes. 

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

If You Want to Play Sports…

And your school’s team was too selective or you just want to play for fun without the commitment of traveling or waking up every morning to work out, try out intramural sports at your college or university to meet some cool people, get your heart pumping and kick or throw around a ball. Many schools will also have recreation centers where many students will scrimmage with other students after class and just socialize. There are many ways to get involved with sports in college without actually joining the school’s team. Many people love sports and it will be very easy to find some people around your dorm or in class who would be down to shoot some hoops or get a little competitive. 

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

If You Miss the Spotlight…

If you were a theater junkie in high school and miss performing for a crowd, consider joining a drama or theater organization. Many colleges and universities have their own theaters where they put on seasonal shows and performances like The Nutcracker in the winter time and their own renditions of popular movies or TV shows. Many schools also offer theater classes you can take as an elective to get you back into the swing of acting. Other schools known for drama such as The School of Drama at The New School and The Juilliard School, both located in New York City, offer online courses, some free, that you can take if you feel your school is lacking in theater education or extracurriculars.

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests
If You Are Interested In Journalism…

If you are interested in journalism of any kind, whether that be radio, TV broadcasting or editorial, there are guaranteed many sources on almost every college campus that will offer you this outlet outside of journalism courses in the classroom. Many colleges have radio stations that many students will volunteer or intern at for experience. Schools will also usually have a school newspaper that highlights the week’s sports highlights, things going on around the campus or the town and some interviews from students. There also may be a TV channel or show on your campus that you can deliver news from to get you used to being in front of a camera if you plan to go into broadcast journalism. Your campus may also have a social media page or a club that you are a part of may have one that can help you practice writing promotional or news content and help make student voices heard. 

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

If You Want to Learn More About Your Heritage…

Look into clubs that help you to accomplish this like a Chinese Club or Spanish club to allow you to be around people who share the same culture and traditions as you. You may decide to take up a language learning club or course in school to help you better understand your family’s first language or just to learn more about their experience. Many cultural clubs also host occasional events open to the whole campus where they will put on traditional performances, cook that culture’s food and observe spiritual practices. 

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

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If You Want to Get Involved in Your Community…

If you want to get involved in the community around your school there are many ways to make yourself useful within and outside of clubs on your college campus. Philanthropy is big on many college campuses and you will be sure to find a cause that you are passionate about that you can contribute to. If if you want to help animals, look into clubs that volunteer at animal shelters or if you want to help the homeless population, join a group that volunteers at soup kitchens. There are so many ways you can get involved, you just have to do your research.

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

If You Like To Eat…

If you like to eat and or try new foods like most college students, look for culinary clubs or cooking classes within your school. Many cultural clubs also prepare and lay out food for students on campuses so this may be another option for you if you want to experience both on your campus. 

Clubs to Join in College Based on Your Interests

If none of these club ideas appeal to you, however, you always have the ability to get a group together, all the resources you need and start your own club if it is not already on your campus. Many clubs are started up by students themselves and sometimes go on to be funded by the school. So, if you feel passionate about starting a club of your own, go out and do it because it is guaranteed many students will enjoy the same activities as you.

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