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Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

High school can be tough, especially when you’re an introvert. Your energy gets drained all day by being around many other students and all you want to do is go home to reenergize. But there are clubs in school that might help you reenergize before you go home. Here’s a list of a few clubs that might be available at your high school which are perfect for introverts. 

Garden Club

This is one of the stable clubs many high schools have as they try to plant more and rely on processed food less. A garden club can focus on flowers, plants, fruits, etc. Most times they will be focusing on food so that the students can use the fresh produce to cook and learn more ways about how to use fruits and vegetables. 

Depending on how new the club is, you might even get the chance to learn how to build a garden from scratch.

Even if the structure isn’t new, you can always learn how to maintain it. This involves fixing and repairing the wood around, making and posting signs, and any other repairs to the garden itself. 

Another thing you will be doing in a garden club is the gardening itself. In some ways, this club is perfect for introverts in that you work in small groups. You can choose to talk, or not to talk. You can even have it organized so that only one or two people work on a certain section of the garden that day or do certain activities. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Book Club

As far as clubs go, this might be the perfect one for the bookworm introvert. Unfortunately, not many people like to talk in-depth about books in high school, since they are forced to do it for class. 

This means that it’s better for the introvert since you won’t be surrounded by a huge group and make yourself shrink into the background. You can let your inner book nerd shine as you discuss books you like with people who have similar interests to you. 

You might even find things about yourself that you never knew before as you discuss what you think about the characters, their actions, the plot, etc. You’d be surprised at how heated debates on books can be. It’s even better if you think ahead of time to jot down notes about the book as you are reading it so that you can discuss it in-depth with others. 

Another great thing about book clubs is that you will be recommended books that you either never knew existed or never thought would have been good if you never read them. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Chess Club

This is a great club if you are introvert. There might end up being a lot of people in the room, but you are focused on your opponent the whole time. So really, you only have to talk to one other person if you two decide to talk at all outside of the game. 

It’s a game about strategy and thinking ahead, so chances are you will be in your own head most of the time. However, strategies aren’t just limited to the board. Another strategy is to talk to the person, get them distracted. 

After all, it takes a lot of concentration to actually listen to the other person and come up with a reply. Many people can’t do this and focus on the game at the same time since both require intense focus. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Robotics Club

Like the other clubs on this list, the robotics club can be perfect for introverts since building a robot requires a lot of concentration, thus minimal talking. Although you might find that more people are interested in the club than you think. 

The great part about this is that you will be surrounded by people who have a similar interest as you, so it won’t be as draining when you are trying to talk to them. No small talk required, just talk about robots and efficient ways to build them or improve them. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

History Club

This is one of the clubs that might not appeal to introverts at the beginning. Although there is a lot of reading, there’s also a lot of talking. Sometimes talking in big groups, which might drain an introvert’s energy very quickly. 

As you get more used to the environment, you might find that people go into smaller groups depending on what parts of history they find especially interesting. So, while you are surrounded by a lot of people, you might end up in a smaller group. 

A great thing about history club is that you will learn things about history that you aren’t taught in school. This is because the other students will be reading up on the section of history they find the most interesting, so they will become a sort of “expert” in that area. 

The more you learn about something, the more you will want to share it with others. So this is perfect for an introvert as they find others who have a similar vibe and interests as they do. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Video Games Club

This is one of the more stereotypical clubs for introverts. Many people assume that all introverts like video games since it seems like a solo-type of activity. However, a lot of socializing actually happens when a person plays video games. Especially if the game is online. 

This club can be at a school, especially now that technology in schools has come a long way and is advancing even more. Some schools can even support VR (virtual reality) games and you can hook up a game console to any monitor if you know how to. 

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Video game club can get kids to stay after school and socialize with other peers who also love video games. In this club, they can be exposed to all kinds of different games since no one has exactly the same taste in games. 

Some prefer old-school games, some prefer the newer ones with better graphics and game mechanics. Whatever your preference, this club is great since you will be able to meet new people and explore new possibilities. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Creative Writing Club

A creative writing club is where you can use your imagination to create almost anything. You should just make sure it’s school-appropriate. Although what that means, and how strictly it is enforced, will depend on what teacher is supervising it. 

In this club, you can create a world in writing where you would want to live. You can make the characters do anything that you can come up with. The benefit of this club is that if you are stuck and don’t know what to write, prompts can be given either as an activity or by your peers who have had similar experiences. 

There are also activities where you can have your peers read over what you have and they can give you constructive criticism to help you improve your writing. The best part about receiving criticism? You can take it or leave it.  

You know your story the best and where it is going. Just keep in mind that they are telling you things from the point of view of the reader who doesn’t know what the whole story is about yet. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

Cooking Club

This club can go along with the gardening club, especially if the cooking club can use the things grown by the gardening club each week. 

Cooking is a hobby that can be done alone but oftentimes it is more fun if you do it with other people. You can share tips, tricks, and recipes. 

Cooking and baking are great ways to destress from the school day and enjoy the company of other people who love the same hobby you do. 

Clubs In High School To Check Out When You’re An Introvert

What are your experiences in clubs as an introvert? Share your experience in the comments below!

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