10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Comfy And Cute This Fall

Fall is finally here meaning the temperature has dropped and warm weather is officially behind us. The transition into fall fashion is sometimes a tough one, especially when we want to stay warm and be in-style during the colder months. Here are 10 clothing essentials to keep you looking comfy and cute this fall!

1. Pea-coats

Having a warm coat is a must-have for the fall. It’s not yet parka season so having a lighter option that will still keep you warm is perfect. Pea-coats are exactly the coat you need this fall!

The best part about a pea-coat is that it can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the day and occasion. If you’re headed to a meeting or job interview, going for a darker color with some cute pants and heels is the way to go. If you are just going to class or grabbing coffee with a friend, you can dress a pea-coat down with jeans and booties to look comfy and cute all day long!

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

2. Beanies

When the wind starts to pick up in the fall, hats are a definite need. If you aren’t into wearing baseball caps or hoods to keep your hair from blowing into your face, beanies are the way to go for you!

Whether you are going outside for a few minutes or a few hours, beanies can pull together a look in an instant. If you’re wearing leggings and a oversized sweater with a beanie you’ll definitely feel comfy and look cute at the same time.

The best part about beanies is that there are so many types. If you like a more form fitting look, they have beanies that sit nice and tight on your head. If you’d like to have a little fun with your headwear, beanies with pom-poms on the top are perfect!

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

3. Flannels

Sometimes fall fashion can be bland and boring, but a great way to add some patterns in is with a flannel! The plaid adds style to any outfit, especially if you are wearing neutral colors.

The best part about flannels is that they are so versatile. If you want to show of the cute new tank top you bought, but it’s too cold outside, wear the flannel unbuttoned. If it’s cold outside and you want to bundle up, button up! If the weather is warm enough, tie the flannel around you waist for a chill look.

Flannels are also perfect for layering, especially when fall starts to transition into winter. You can add a cute jacket or sweater over top to look extra comfy and cute in your flannels!

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

4. Tall Boots

Fall weather is sometimes unpredictable, but the rain will definitely come, meaning boots are required. A great way to keep your feet warm and your outfit on point is with tall boots!

Boots like these are super easy to dress up or dress down depending on your agenda for the day. They look amazing with sweater dresses if you want to look a little more fancy. Tall boots also go really well with jeans and a cute blouse which is the perfect combo to be comfy and cute!

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

5. Booties

Some days end up being warmer than others in the fall. If you want to be comfortable and chic on sunny days, booties are the way to go.

They look great with jeans or leggings, but can also match a cute sweater dress or denim skirt. Depending on your personal style, booties come in lots of different colors. The most popular colors you’ll see people wearing this fall are dark browns and tans, simply because they match really well with almost any outfit.

Booties are also great for rainy days, as most are pretty durable and made for fall weather. Not only will your feet stay warm, but they will also stay dry!

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

6. Scarves

Winter time brings out the fuzzy socks, gloves, and heavy coats. Scarves are also a winter staple, but can be super trendy in the fall as well.

The best thing about scarves is that there are so many types to alternate through depending on the weather. If you need to keep warm, wool scarves are the way to go! Or you could choose a lighter material if you are just looking for a fashion statement or an accessory.

Big blanket scarves are great to wrap around your body too, and that will definitely keep you looking comfy and cute. Infinity scarves are also very in, and those are perfect if you want to keep your neck nice and warm during the winter.

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

7. Denim Jackets

On warmer days you might not want to wear a super heavy jacket, especially if you spend most of your day indoors. Denim jackets are the perfect outer layer to keep you looking comfy and cute, while also being super practical for the warmer weather.

A cute way to wear a denim jacket is with a hoodie underneath. You will look super casual and sporty, but also stay warm and cozy. You can also wear them over a cute dress to bundle up and still look dressed up.

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

8. Black Jeans

Fall time usually brings muted and neutral colors into our closets and a staple piece everyone needs is black jeans. We all love a nice pair of blue or light-wash jeans in the spring and summer, but fall time calls for some darker colors.

Black jeans look great with the orange and nude tones that people love to wear in the autumn! Whether you are a sweater person or a tee-shirt person, black jeans go well with both. They are also super versatile and can be worn with literally any footwear!

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

9. Plaid Pants

A huge trend this fall involves muted colors and intricate patterns; plaid pants! These pants are perfect for a business casual look this fall!

If you have to dress up and look a little fancy having a pair of these in your closet is a need. They look amazing with heels or boots, and you can style them up even more with a nice blazer or jacket. Even wearing a sweater with plaid pants can make you look a little less casual!

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

10. Big Sweaters

The number one thing you need to be comfy and cute this fall is a big sweater! If you’re looking for a piece of clothing that feels as warm as a million hugs, oversized knit sweaters are just for you!

These look great tucked into jeans or laying loose with leggings! You can also wear them with basically any type of footwear; booties, sneakers, or slippers! The versatility of big sweaters makes them the ultimate fall piece and everyone needs it in their wardrobe!

You can even add a vest on top of the sweater if you want to stay warm when spending time pumpkin picking or admiring the beautiful leaves.

10 Clothing Essentials To Keep You Looking Cute And Comfy This Fall

Fall is the best time to embrace your style and celebrate the season. No matter how you dress, everyone can agree that being warm and feeling good is the only way to go when it comes to dressing up in autumn. There are so many pieces that you absolutely need in your closet to look comfy and cute this fall!

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