Top 5 Clothing Brands You Could Be Sleeping On

Here lately, everyone is following the same wave when it comes to fashion and apparel. Fashion Nova is one of the most popular clothing brands and has taken over, along with other brands, and everyone is starting to look the same! There are several clothing brands that are putting out some heat, but with everyone trying to be like everyone else, it hard to find them. Have no fear, Jordan is here! And I’m about to tell you about some of the clothing brands you might be sleeping on!


I love, love, love this clothing brand. IAMGIA is a women’s clothing line that put out nothing but fire. The line is based off of the founders love for supermodel, Gia Carangi, who she says has always been an inspiration for her. The clothing brand was made for the girl who doesn’t mind stepping out of her comfort zone and be different! They offer a lot of matching sets, which are super popular right now, and offer products in many different color selections! IAMGIA carries a lot of formfitting clothing, or clothing that shows a little skin for the girl who doesn’t mind flaunting what she has going on! The founder was sure to define that her brands is everyone! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and she wants every woman to feel like a badass when wearing her clothing! Bella Hadid is a huge fan of the brand and is partly responsible for the brand blowing up the way it has. InStyle magazine labeled it the “Under $200 Fashion Label That the Entire Model Squad is Obsessed With.” You can go to their Instagram, IAMGIA, to take a look at what they offer and then go to to purchase away!

Top 5 Clothing Brands You Could Be Sleeping On

Random&Chic Vintage

This is a clothing brand who gives exactly what I mentioned before, originality! Random&Chic Vintage is a clothing brand that offers one-of-one garments. So, unlike many stores, you won’t have to worry about someone having on the same thing as you when you go out! As a matter of fact, “FOR THE GIRLS WHO STAND OUT ON PURPOSE”, is the headline when you go to the website.  This clothing brand is based out of Houston, but as mentioned they have a website so you’re able to purchase from anywhere! Their product offering includes many different styles; short and tight, long and loose fitting, oversized blazers, cropped t-shirts, suits, anything you are looking for. A lot of the looks you will see on their Instagram are transitional, meaning you can wear it to a business meeting during the day and then turn around have a night out on the town with your friends! Another plus is their products won’t cost you an arm and a leg! The price range is from $15-$30! Check them out at RandomandChic on IG or go to to shop immediately!

Top 5 Clothing Brands You Could Be Sleeping On

A.L Luxe Couture

This brand is for my ladies who are super sexy, 100% of the time no matter the destination! This clothing brand offers some trendy styles such as one-piece body suits, track sweatpants, matching sets, etc. However, they do it in a way that doesn’t look and feel cheap. The material they use is high quality and some of their designs are very innovative! Their products have been seen on some of the hottest IG celebs and has even made it to Hollywood when Kylie Jenner was spotted in one of their matching suit sets. This clothing brand is a little higher priced, with their most inexpensive item starting around $30 and getting up into the $250-$350 range for their more expensive items, but it is totally worth it! You can look more into their products by searching alluxecouture on IG or head over to their website to see more about their prices!

Matte Brand

This clothing brand has been out for a little while but has already received major publicity! Matte Brand clothing is for all types of women. The CEO and Founder, Brianna, is a boss ass woman and shows it every chance she gets! She wants the women who wear her clothing to feel as empowered and bossy as she does!  Matte clothing brand is becoming the go-to for matching sets not only because of their style, but their comfortability level! Anyone who has shopped with them before can tell you how comfortable the garment is! They always have the perfect amount of stretch in them so any size girl can fit and feel hot! This clothing brand offers clothing that you can pair with a lot of things because they stick to solid color garments with print on them with the exception of the brand name being on a few. Pictured below is the popular lime green, lace, one-piece, that became a hot item in the end of 2018, being seen on multiple celebrities! Go peep them on their IG, mattebrand or shop with them at!

Top 5 Clothing Brands You Could Be Sleeping On

House Of CB

Out of the listed clothing brands this one has the most “clout” if you will. If you’re sleeping on this clothing brand, you must be in deep hibernation because it is everywhere! House of CB is popping honey!! This brand is for the working woman, who has a lot of business meetings but wants a touch of sexy while she’s doing business. House of CB offers dresses, workout gear, swimwear, dresses, everything really! Their style is super elegant, but seductive at the same time. You can find a dress to go club in, a dress to have a meeting in, and even dresses you can wear on the red carpet! Stars like JLo, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and even Queen Bey have been spotted in House of CB merchandise. Their prices are a tad bit higher, with their sale items starting around $68 and regular priced items reaching $375. Go take a look at houseofcb Instagram or shop!

Top 5 Clothing Brands You Could Be Sleeping On

These clothing brands have been on the rise and the founders have been working their butts off!  These clothing brands work every season create and offer merchandise outside of the norm, that’s made with top quality material that can last forever! Purchasing from any of these companies will be rewarding and will ensure that all eyes are on you no matter where you may be!

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