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Clothes You Need To Bring On Spring Break

Clothes You Need To Bring On Spring Break

Shopping for spring break can be hard because you think you might need more clothes than you do or less depending on your situation! Whatever your issue, these are the best clothes you need to bring with you no matter what! 

1. Multiple Bathing Suites

Depending on where you are taking your spring break, there is a big chance you will be needing a swim suite! Don’t just bring one, though, pack at least two or three so you have an assortment you know you will like. You’ll be taking a lot of pictures in this swim suite so bring more than one will help balance out how much everyone is seeing one swim suite. This may be a nit picking thing for you, but just remember the amount of time you’ll be on the beach and in the ocean that you won’t have time to wash your bathing suite from the nastiness and sand that is everywhere!


2. Shorts

You can never have too many pairs of shorts depending on where you are going. Shorts are a great way to cover up and still be able to get a tan! Since there are so many types of shorts, doing limit yourself to just one type. You can bring a couple running shorts (for those nights you’re in your hotel room)and jean shorts (for the days you decide you want to go into the city for a little bit and don’t want to wear a dress)! Shorts are great if you are going for a more relaxed look during spring break which is easy to achieve!

3. Sweatpants

You should always have a back up if you are not sure if you want to bring comfy pants are not. You will regret not taking them when you are up early and need a little warmth for pants that are not jeans! Don’t be that person who is bumming off clothes from someone else because you didn’t think you didn’t something and something thought they would! Be proactive before you go somewhere warm because sometimes the warm places are not all that warm and you need to cover up! It doesn’t happen often, but it is always good to be prepared and look ahead at the weather just in case!


4. So Much Underwear

Please bring too much underwear on your spring break trip! You never know what will happen and you’ll have to buy some there which wouldn’t be fun at all! Bring over the amount you need by five will ensure that you have enough for your trip! You won’t wan to be that person who doesn’t think about the little things! Sometimes the little things are what make or break your spring break! You should think about the kind of underwear you want to bring because you are thinking about the outfits you are going to wear, so thinking about the underwear you will be wearing with said outfit will make deciding easier!


5. A Cover Up

It is never a bad decision to bring a cover up. You could even bring two if you wanted! They are fun and are always in style! You’ll want to get a cover up that is close in pattern to your bathing suites you are bringing with you, but it shouldn’t be too hard!

Trying the cover ups on with your bathing suite sounds a little silly, but you won’t know how it will actual look until you put it on over the bathing suite. And if you are unsure about the sizing, it is always a good idea to try the cover ups on with because you never know how the material will feel! There are different types of cover ups and some look better on different body types, but here are some great cover ups that are great for spring break!


6. Jeans 

Rock the night life during spring break with some new jeans! Depending on your style, you may be wanting boot cut, skinny, and ripped. But whatever style you are looking for there are plenty of pants to choose from! Looking for a straight leg to wear with booties? Get a lighter or dark wash depending on the type of shoe you are planning to wear! Always plan ahead when you are thinking about putting together outfits because it may look good when the clothes are lead out on your bed and not on your body. 

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7. Dresses

Dresses are a great option if you are unsure about bringing shorts. You can wear all different styles which show off certain parts of your body! The best part about dresses is that two are never the same unless you buy the same dress. They are great for a lazy day on the beach or a night out on the town, but whatever you are going, make sure you bring a dress that will look great on you! Try to find a dress with pockets in them too because those are great if you don’t want to carry everything in your hand! 

8. Flip Flops

Never forget your flip flops! But don’t buy the cheap ones! You will be walking a lot so having a nice pair of flip flops will ease the hurt you’ll feel later! Under Armour is a great brand to buy flip flops from because they have memory foam ones that feel great on your feet and won’t wear and tear as easily because you might be throwing them around! You will want to get flip flops that will match what you are wearing so getting a plain color like black or gray, will help you have more of a diversity in what you can wear with them!


9. Sweat Shirt 

Sweat shirts are great for those nights you don’t want to go out and party, but you want to go out to the beach at night and watch the waves. They are designed to keep you warm, but you won’t over heat in them! You should aim to bring at least one on spring break because you never know about the weather and what it has in store for you!


Are you planning to bring these? What extra do you bring on spring break with you? Tell us in the comments below!