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Closet Staples You Need This Fall

As summer is starting to come to a close and fall is on the horizon, we have selected a few closet staples you need as the colors change and the weather gets a little bit cooler. To prepare for the best season of all, we’ve made shopping more manageable with cute clothes for fall listed below.

Black leggings

There’s nothing like a pair of black leggings to get you through fall. Effortlessly pair these with anything you want, ranging from boots, sneakers, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, flannels, and more! Black leggings are the foundation of any cozy fall outfit, trust us on this. Shop some of our favorites at Lululemon, Athleta, and Alo Yoga.


After a long day of sipping on your pumpkin spice latte and chowing on your apple fritter, these are the pant you need. Not only are the roomy, but they sure are comfortable. Coming in a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs, you can find joggers for every day of the week.

Don’t want to slip on jeans for a night out? Find yourself a pair of satin joggers to class up your look. For casual joggers, brands we love include Free City, Joah Brown, and Talentless. For more fashion-forward pieces, browse Nordstrom or Zara.

Oversized sweatshirt

Too lazy but want something cute to throw on for the day? Try an oversized sweater. You can make it look as cute and casual as you want. There’s nothing better than cozy and cute clothes for fall.

Want to go for a more dressed up look? Try adding a few layering necklaces, boots, a bag, and a fashionable coat like the photo below. Don’t be afraid to take risks and subvert the norm. That’s what fashion is all about. Check out one of our favorites at

Basic white T-shirt

There’s nothing better than having the ability to quickly throw a stylish outfit together. By having these basic staples, it’s going to be easier and more efficient than ever to get dressed in the day. That is why you need a good stack of white t-shirts in your life. Wear them with jeans, leggings, joggers, skirts, even knotted over a dress. You will never run out of uses for such a simple clothing item. Who says cute clothes for fall had to be fancy?!

If you can spare the extra expense, try the Hanes x Karla collection. You pay for what you get, and that’s incredible quality and perfectly cut. Who knew there could be such an awesome variety of white t-shirts?! For cheaper options, the original Hanes is still a classic for a reason.

White sneakers

These sneakers will take you through fall into summer 2021 and beyond. There is nothing better than a simple pair of white sneakers. Adidas has just recently changed the game with a Stan Smith mule. Now you don’t have to worry about those pesky socks getting caught under your foot and tying up your laces when you’re in a rush out the door. If you want to go for a more traditional sneaker, check out Veja. These sneakers are made from Amazonian rubber and recycled water bottles. Ethically made in Brazil, you won’t regret spending your money on a pair.

Flannel anything

Nothing screams fall quite like a cute flannel item. Whether it be a scarf, poncho, jacket, or shirt, flannel is a solid way to go during the autumn months. Urban Outfitters and Free People always have a great selection of flannel items. Once you swipe one of these up, you are on your way to stocking up your closet with incredibly cute clothes for fall.

Flowy blouse

Once you’re done lounging away and gazing at the ever-changing leaves, throw on a cute blouse to keep yourself warm during these breezy months. This is a perfect item to pair with jeans for a day out on the town or leather leggings for a night out. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable clothes to be fashionable. Find this option on Etsy.


On a list for cute clothes for fall, a scarf cannot be left out. You can’t complete a fall outfit without a quality scarf wrapped around your neck. How else are you going to keep yourself warm but not too hot?  We suggest going for an extra-large option so you can use it as a blanket whenever you want. Ever feel chilly at dinner or the movie theater and wished you had a blanket? This is the perfect hack for you.

See Also

Turtle neck sweater

When you are feeling forgetful and not want to worry about losing your favorite scarf, swing for a turtle neck sweater. Dress it up by throwing a leather jacket over it and pairing it with your favorite booties. You can even put it over a sundress when you don’t feel like wearing pants. This is such a versatile article of clothing, you’ll be shocked you never invested in one before.

Trench Coat

Sick of wearing your same boring jacket out the door every day? Instead, buy yourself a trench coat that will look good over anything! Seriously, you can wear this out to dinner, to work, brunch with your friends, even a sexy date night. If you think a trench coat may look too boxy on you, think again. Rather than tying it around the front, cinch it in the back. It will hug your body in all the right ways. You can thank us later. For a quality coat, head over to Everlane. If that doesn’t spark your fancy, all you have to do is google “trench coat,” and there will be dozens of options at your fingertips.

Boyfriend Jeans

When you decide its time to get out of the sweat pants and work out clothes, go for a more relaxed but put together look with baggy boyfriend jeans. Pair them with a graphic tee as shown below or throw a bodysuit on and wrap yourself in a sweater or poncho. There are endless possibilities when you have the proper basics. Shop some of our favorite jeans at Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and Everlane.

Statement hat

Rather than going for a beanie this fall, think about trying something new. Have you wanted to find an accessory to help tailor your outfit to your own fun personality? A hat can be just what you need to feel uniquely you in your clothes.  There are so many to choose from, you can buy once for every outfit you have! We love a floppy brim hat and going even a step further and trying out a bakers boy hat, featured below. Whatever hat you choose, we know you’ll rock it!

Comment your favorite cute clothes for fall below!

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